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Kathy Gurski 
‘Your Designer For Better Living’

With all the internet telling you what you must do, isn’t it time to try to find find a slice of the real  You For Your Better Living! 

As ‘Your Designer For Better Living’, whether working on a space for living, temporary space for an event, writing to express you or bring you more, photography for print or web to show more and better for You, it is all ‘In-The-Plan’ of Better Living For You’ and creatively to express -You! 

Your HOME for whatever status should nuture you and your needs to renew U.

When away, the HOSPITALITY industry must serve up some dreams to stand out from among all the rest, for their share of serving.

BUSINESS of all types must operate efficiently and effectively to maximize efforts and results.

EVENTS happening every day- Too Often go on, not as eventfully as they could, whether a Dinner, Wedding or Business related Offering.

Writing the story of You or Your Product for Print or Web can bring new depth to your expression or experiences for MORE in YOUR living.

PHOTOGRAPHY to capture results… has greater impact when paired with selected printed word for a greater affect. -More than snaps or selfies for sure.

Specially Titled PhotoART images have a fuller impact, showing more layers for a greater depth of meaning and artistic expression.

You can get quite lost always looking to only find what others tried for their situation, needs and preferences. How about others, liking what you do! This can be the essence of what real creativity can do! 

Go forward from where You need to go, to where you never imagined, yet is right where you want to be!

DESIGN, Planning, Review, MERCHANDISE, PhotoART to fill it for Home, Hospitality, Business, Events,  -also WRITING or PHOTOGRAPHY, for Print or Web for a range of size and budget -Let’s Start Your Plan- For ‘Your BETTER Living’!

Please call to inquire Now!
Kathy Gurski
Kathy Gurski Design LLC
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-FAB FIND For Room Or Event

With Kathy Gurski
‘Your Designer For Better Living’

FAB FIND For Room Or Event- can easily be found in -your closet! See that interesting item over there… What you may think is just an old piece of fabric or unused object can be the start to a whole new room or event!

Fabric can be used in many ways.
-Fabric can be draped to cover or divide, or freshen a needed area.
-Fabric can also be used for a dining experience or event, covering a table to start or even for a picnic indoors!

-I have created an interesting functional art niche from a closet, draping simple material where doors once were. Maybe not soo simple, draped from a vintage doorknocker, taking simple existing to a whole new vision.

-Yet for a birthday dinner in a parking lot setting I created, I used fabric as a floating wall backdrop to create an area amid nothing, yet interesting when you looked up to be surrounded by cityscape.

-That same fabric can be a start to recover worn or needed refreshing to a chair, sofa or pillow, which is a good start to roll on the rest of the room. 

Often I use items clients already have in a variety of new ways and in new places. These items are found when reviewing existing. Reuse is yet another way to be more green for the environment too. 
-A strange unused tray can serve to be fab for a theme dinner or as art on the wall…
-Container for… can be well placed on the floor as well as on a table.
-So also true is what you might see needed to be in a corner can possibly be elevated on a table.

So what’s that interesting item over there- in your closet?! Possibilities are endless.

With creative vision we can create a whole new room or an event that just may leave you with more than dirty dishes!

Inquire about my review of a room, space, or planning a dinner / special event. There are affordable ways to keep you going forward with -Better Living. Let’s get into your closet!

Please see website for more DESIGN, ARTICLES, 
PhotoART GALLERY@www.kathygurskidesign.com 

For questions or assistance please call:
Kathy Gurski
Kathy Gurski Design LLC

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-From Kathy Gurski Design LLC www.kathygurskidesign.com

-Give a gift for yourself or others! -Gift Certificates available for Design Services or ‘Design A Room’ Classes.

Better Living enriches all our lives, whether smaller changes, review or full design & planning.

Please call 808-396-6668

For those who feel they want to be more hands on in the planning of their rooms, but still know professional
assistance is valuable-then this is for you!!! – ‘Design A Room’ Classes –
Offering classes where you actually work on a room of your own. Putting small groups together of those
interested in working on same type of rooms, such as: kitchen, bath, living, dining, bedroom, outdoor,
Each class will work on 1 type of room. Classes will be done in 4session intervals for each class. You need
time to do your homework. Each 4session class will be $500 with well priced merchandise to fulfill the plan.
Please call to to get on the list. Please leave your name, phone, type of room that you want to work and how
soon- presently, near future or other.
For Gift Certificates for Design Services, ‘Design A Room’ Classes or to Registration for a class, you will need to
send your non refundable payment payable to: Kathy Gurski Design LLC, PO Box 26285, Honolulu, Hi. 96825
Registration for classes is by prepayment only, but you can call to get on a list today. Details of where classes
will be held to follow. They will be at select honolulu showrooms.

Whether your choice is for design services, merchandise, classes or PhotoART at The PhotoART GALLERY at
www.kathygurskidesign.com  -let’s start enhancing your life now, with safety, function, & beauty, at affordable
pricing with savings to you.
Your questions are welcome- please call the office of Kathy Gurski Design LLC at 808-396-6668 —ALOHA!