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Seeing IS Believing!

A Seminar 3/14/15 at 1 PM
With Kathy Gurski
Designer • Photographer • Writer
‘Your Designer For BETTER Living’

At INspiration Interiors
A Furniture Store at 
The Design Center
1250 Kapiolani, Blvd 
Honolulu, Hi 
Updates at:

The basics easily can become unique, the unusual your reality – Modern classics like you never thought of before!

Modern, Retro, Mid-century…what do you like?

What is the latest? How are you going to use that FABULOUS piece … possibly with others you already  have or not, where, how with what, to be you? Questions asked even if only to oneself.

We can bring those questions into the light of INspiration. No problem- well actually easy problems to solve? I say to my Clients, tell me your problem, so I can present you a solution. ANSWERS for good design need to be related to you! What is done for one person usually is not the best answer for another.

Bringing in the new and fabulous with your wants and needs can be exciting and fun to what can be a  stressful time. It can bring new benefits of technology and design right into your plan for Living!

We can take a better lounge chair for your comfort and turn it into a more fashionable space for many a  place. Make it yours with specific choices or mix it, in a way, with other selected furniture. Tone it down, zip it up with color, texture… give it more slick with other modern pieces around it. Use that piece where? How? Never imagined that. Sometimes seeing is realizing possibilities…!

Let’s BE INSPIRED together at the Seminar at INspiration Interiors a Furniture Store- where we can talk  and every choice does makes a difference!

See you there! 1st Floor
Sat 3-14-15 at 1 PM to BE INSPIRED…
With Kathy Gurski
-‘Your Designer For BETTER Living! You deserve it!

Appointments will be available to set up after. Pre sign ups for seminar not necessary, but appreciated.
Please leave your name and phone to better prepare.

-Thank You for considering to BE INSPIRED!

Kathy Gurski
Kathy Gurski Design LLC
Ph 808-396-6668
Where your voicemail only message is appreciated and available.

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Kathy Gurski 
‘Your Designer For Better Living’

With all the internet telling you what you must do, isn’t it time to try to find find a slice of the real  You For Your Better Living! 

As ‘Your Designer For Better Living’, whether working on a space for living, temporary space for an event, writing to express you or bring you more, photography for print or web to show more and better for You, it is all ‘In-The-Plan’ of Better Living For You’ and creatively to express -You! 

Your HOME for whatever status should nuture you and your needs to renew U.

When away, the HOSPITALITY industry must serve up some dreams to stand out from among all the rest, for their share of serving.

BUSINESS of all types must operate efficiently and effectively to maximize efforts and results.

EVENTS happening every day- Too Often go on, not as eventfully as they could, whether a Dinner, Wedding or Business related Offering.

Writing the story of You or Your Product for Print or Web can bring new depth to your expression or experiences for MORE in YOUR living.

PHOTOGRAPHY to capture results… has greater impact when paired with selected printed word for a greater affect. -More than snaps or selfies for sure.

Specially Titled PhotoART images have a fuller impact, showing more layers for a greater depth of meaning and artistic expression.

You can get quite lost always looking to only find what others tried for their situation, needs and preferences. How about others, liking what you do! This can be the essence of what real creativity can do! 

Go forward from where You need to go, to where you never imagined, yet is right where you want to be!

DESIGN, Planning, Review, MERCHANDISE, PhotoART to fill it for Home, Hospitality, Business, Events,  -also WRITING or PHOTOGRAPHY, for Print or Web for a range of size and budget -Let’s Start Your Plan- For ‘Your BETTER Living’!

Please call to inquire Now!
Kathy Gurski
Kathy Gurski Design LLC
PH 808 396-6668
Voicemail Only Available 
and Appreciated. No texting.



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-FAB FIND For Room Or Event

With Kathy Gurski
‘Your Designer For Better Living’

FAB FIND For Room Or Event- can easily be found in -your closet! See that interesting item over there… What you may think is just an old piece of fabric or unused object can be the start to a whole new room or event!

Fabric can be used in many ways.
-Fabric can be draped to cover or divide, or freshen a needed area.
-Fabric can also be used for a dining experience or event, covering a table to start or even for a picnic indoors!

-I have created an interesting functional art niche from a closet, draping simple material where doors once were. Maybe not soo simple, draped from a vintage doorknocker, taking simple existing to a whole new vision.

-Yet for a birthday dinner in a parking lot setting I created, I used fabric as a floating wall backdrop to create an area amid nothing, yet interesting when you looked up to be surrounded by cityscape.

-That same fabric can be a start to recover worn or needed refreshing to a chair, sofa or pillow, which is a good start to roll on the rest of the room. 

Often I use items clients already have in a variety of new ways and in new places. These items are found when reviewing existing. Reuse is yet another way to be more green for the environment too. 
-A strange unused tray can serve to be fab for a theme dinner or as art on the wall…
-Container for… can be well placed on the floor as well as on a table.
-So also true is what you might see needed to be in a corner can possibly be elevated on a table.

So what’s that interesting item over there- in your closet?! Possibilities are endless.

With creative vision we can create a whole new room or an event that just may leave you with more than dirty dishes!

Inquire about my review of a room, space, or planning a dinner / special event. There are affordable ways to keep you going forward with -Better Living. Let’s get into your closet!

Please see website for more DESIGN, ARTICLES, 
PhotoART GALLERY@www.kathygurskidesign.com 

For questions or assistance please call:
Kathy Gurski
Kathy Gurski Design LLC

Your Voicemail is Appreciated 
and available only. No texting.

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TRENDING TODAY -Getting A Start For Better Living!

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-Getting A Start
For Better Living!

With Kathy Gurski
‘Your Designer For Better Living’

You finally made your decision that you want more from your living. What’s in Your Plan? Travelling or Staying Back, Planning a Special Party or Event or do you just want MORE from your Home or Business Space?! 

Thinking, that even after all your valuable work or travel, you want to come ‘Home’ to MORE?! Are there dreams of a more relaxing bathroom home spa, more fabulous easy to use kitchen, new exterior to use as interior or interior to feel more like outside, other living /entertaining areas or more for your work space to make it, even easier, more productive to use and help to afford it all! We can work on any one or all of it. 

Not sure where to start, I SAY, “let’s get a start with – YOUR CLOSET!” The closet you say?— ab-so-lutely!  The closet is one of the most least thought of spaces, yet most often used spaces, next being, the Bathroom.  The closet is not even thought of as a room, even though, it most certainly can become one! 

-Closet space is definitely missed, if we haven’t enough whether at home, at work or even as we travel. 

-Starting with the closet, can reveal some of those often forgotten or unknown treasures, that can be cleverly used, again, in many ways and places. 

-With the closet more together, it gives you the sense of accomplishment and assists to make you ready for – MORE!.

Whether you have enough closets isn’t always the problem, rather it is how well it is planned to make its’ use be enough for your needs. Can you easily access your immediate needs, less used items or treasures, whether they be to wear or use where and when you want and need them? Sounds simple, yet so often we struggle with ‘our things’. Too often, the space is wasted and items get needlessly lost and forgotten. 

With the many kinds of actual closet systems and methods of storage available, it is the plan that makes  the difference. With varied creative solutions and different combinations, you can have a more custom, yet economical space, that will give results that are right for you! 

-No two closets, as with any space, will be alike, as no two people are alike- with the exception of a hotel closet, where even there, you make it your own.

-Your closet can be well planned, conservatively, to organize, hold and access more, more easily, making it easier to use for…. 

-We can create in a wide range of luxury for a retreat with many vary degrees of chic between, that you just  might prefer. 

-We can get it comfortably together, which can be a luxury in itself! You choose the degree of luxury and  comfort right for you.

-With your closet set up for more efficient living, you can be more ready for that quick get away, special  event and everyday.

-To easily find that preferred suitcase, briefcase or bag and have a place to put it to fill, more comfortably  and even quietly is a simple, yet welcome start.

-To easily find what you want for different activities, whether on the go or stay at home makes for a less  stressful more productive start for any day.

-With various kinds of shelving there can be easier access for clothing, gear, even space for supplies or  your own mini library. 

-A range of drawers, bins or boxes can hold those much needed items or want to be found luxuries. 

-Well placed hooks or holders, reminds you of where those often used items will be, while specialty holders  make it easier to select ties, belts, scarves, find those supplies or items for that meeting, fishing or trip to  the beach. 

To prepare ourselves for work or play, whether men, women or children is of importance for each one of  us. Having our preparation be easier and with some style can be even more rewarding. Everyday or a  getaway you can enjoy being more ready. After all, you never know, when that meeting of a lifetime, trip to Tahiti or the Big Island may come up!

Not a lot of space, means using what you do have, even more wisely, in different ways, and planned for  each situation.

-For one of my Clients, I removed existing bedroom closet doors, adding furniture designed as built-ins,  for increased organized space, coordinating added storage within the room furniture for a customize yet economical space.The plan made good use of that more compact living with style.

-In another compact situation, still removing a closet door, created a functional art/storage niche, that not  only had storage, but visually opened up the space, adding an interesting customized feature draped with  fabric.

-For a larger space, even though the Client had space, I gave the Client more for that space. There was better more luxurious storage from custom wood armoires seen through archways from within the bedroom. The custom pieces were combined with a simpler storage system, seen only from within the closet. It had varied specialty storage areas, also with a compact office area, each with their own type of lighting… A closet can become another room!  

More and varied types of storage, access, art, sound, a library, a place to sit, write, have morning coffee,  mend, iron- it all comes out, with the planning for ‘YOUR SPACE’. 
-Each space and Client are unique and so the results to acheive. 
-If you are unsure of what you dream, from our conversation with my creative knowledge, I can help  you dream and put it together for you.  
-Your closet can be a source, a haven, a retreat or just be made into more- storage, easily used and  beautiful. 
-You can more easily find and use some of those ‘treasures’ to wear or use for away or your at home living.

What else is in that closet?! 
-You may have the start for a plan for change for a room or use for a ‘special dinner or event’. 
-What is that interesting item, over there!? 

Come, go, stay- let’s get into -Your Closet! 
See more in next Article to follow…

For Assistance, Questions or To Inquire 
Please Call:
Kathy Gurski
‘Your Designer For Better Living’

Kathy Gurski Design LLC  
Ph 808-396-6668 
Voicemail Message Only Available and Appreciated

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TRENDING TODAY -Better Living ‘For YOUR Space!’

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-Better Living
‘For YOUR Space!’

By Kathy Gurski
‘Your Designer For Better Living’ 

What do you want from ‘your’ living for today?! Most people seem to want-Better, More and Now! Wanting better, making things better- starts with You ‘YOUR SPACE’ and your decision to start now ! 

With your space more together, so are you. Getting the right assistance saves you on those costly mistakes and wasted time and those less productive purchases!

Your space working more for you, makes you more comfortable, more productive, more of a winner – ready for what is next to come. 

NOW, is the best time to make your plans of how to make your living better! What are you thinking?

At the start of any season, whether that be for spring, summer, winter, fall, holiday or baby, college, new job, interest, more responsibilities, moving, retirement…ect, a productive plan is the way to be ready, to get more and more value, from your time spent, investment and ‘Your Living’! Isn’t this the -MORE- that we all want and hope to achieve!

So what are your plans for your season…? 
Please call to get started. Let’s get started Now!

Where to start? Next article…we begin…! 

For questions or assistance to MORE, whether you are spending more or less, yet with better results for you, please call:
Kathy Gurski 396-6668 at
Kathy Gurski Design LLC 

Design For Many A Space, Merchandise, PhotoART, 
Writing, and Photography For Your Better Living! 

Voicemail Message, Only, Available and Appreciated
for an Affordable Start to a New Direction for You!

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Writer/Copywriter ‘For Your BETTER Living!’

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‘For Your BETTER Living!’

By Kathy Gurski
‘Your Designer For Better Living’

Trending or Discovery?! 
What’s Your plan? How may I assist You! As a writer and designer I know it’s all in the plan to take you where you want to be. 

Do you want words to capture a vision, educate, warm the heart, feed the spirit, reveal a concept, take you  away…or bring you- to a whole new place! 

Whether in articles or stories that inform and delight or informative copy, which guides you to what is new, of interest, or simply to a better way, I can bring you to-Better Living!  

As a writer, designer, artist, photographer, in business and a traveller, chef, of the garden, crazy plant person having a range of interests…, including people, I bring much to my writing.

My experience has taken me from some of the very finest of living to simply finding a better way. Having  written articles for magazine and newspaper, my own script for a TV show on Olelo, business copy, heartfelt words, endowment request, to editing, I know I offer a wealth in my writing.

-You can, currently, see continued work at ARTICLES@

-Articles and copy for a wide range of living can also be brought to vision with my photography. PhotoART GALLERY @ http://www.kathygurskidesign.com

-Who better to review and write on Hospitality than a designer/traveller.

-Copy for print or web to bring you to- Better Living.

What’s your story to tell?! Let’s talk story- Your story! It’s in the plan…!

Please call:
Kathy Gurski 808-396-6668
‘Your Designer For BETTER Living’

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By Kathy Gurski
Interior/Environmental Designer ‘For your Living’

That special event is coming- a birthday, anniversary, holiday or just because getting together is so much fun!

Getting together is so much fun, but for many, where is the time, what to do to make it special and oh your home sometimes is so…..you know.

Answer: as ‘Your Designer For Living’ hire Kathy Gurski of Kathy Gurski Design LLC to plan your event, dinner or party.

Whether for a few or more, let’s do an event that plans your party
-good food, atmosphere, suggestions to set your event apart.

While doing so at home, we can not only set up your room or rooms, but if it is more you know or you want something more- we can make some lasting changes to leave you with more than ‘delish’ leftovers, but also a -‘good remains of the day!’

We can, also, plan so that the room or rooms are ready not only for the event, but even beyond -making some changes to linger and leave you feeling ready for another party or like everyday is more of a celebration. Good excuse or good sense, how far we make changes, is up to you.

I know when I plan a personal event, there are projects I like to do to prepare. It can be a sort of celebration history to bring enhanced celebration for the times of your life. Please consider and call. -You can only imagine!

For design range, other articles …
please see http://www.kathygurskidesign.com

Your inquiry is welcome for affordable design for projects of all sizes.

Please call:
Kathy Gurski
Kathy Gurskidesign LLC
Ph 808- 396- 6668
Voicemail Only.
Your Voicemail message is appreciated)



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By Kathy Gurski

Today’s living is only a click away for sure – for some things!
Get a quick product or what seems to be an answer, click it online. What about your Interior’s Design?
Today’s Living in Hawaii and Beyond is much the same, only we have added concerns of our beautiful environmental affects.

Interior Design is all to often referred to as, well when…….when I make… or when the kids are grown….. or that’s for those people, someone else, not me, I prefer to do it myself, those decisions are made by that department.

The truth is you are living now! Your needs are Now!  Assistance is available now. Those online answers are not necessarily for You! How can one answer possibly be for so many situations, let alone a vast amount of  preferences.  This may be one time when your answers are more than a click away. Personal evaluation from a freshly seasoned professional can offer a world of possibilities. Answers come from proper evaluation of needs, existing conditions and preferences translated into results for you.

This is not a click away, but an affordable means to better living for you. How? The answer is different for each situation. Of course more information is great, the more you know the better your choices. Those choices aren’t waiting for anything, because your living is today, whether you are planning for it or not.

Those temporary fixes may cost you more than building on your plan together. You deserve  at Home, a wonderful living environment, just as when you go to Work, Dinner, Vacation and on. You not only deserve it, but it is a requirement for some living and affects  your existence and your thriving.

No one really does anything alone, but rather chooses with whom they take an opinion or where they choose to purchase items. We have many resources available to us and this design professional is a valuable one. I can rework existing conditions and items in so many ways for your own unique results. With the proper assistance, you can save – time, money and get more.

Whatever your direction, there is affordable assistance available to you. I can offer review of an existing space to plan for use and change, plan for new, totally renovate, plan to sell or celebrate, there for your design needs.

Design, Merchandise, PhotoART for Home, Hospitality, Business, Events at Home or Other,
Writing and Photography for Print or Web

-To inquire please call Kathy
Ph 808-396-6668  at Kathy Gurski Design LLC
Your Voicemail Message is Appreciated

More than a click away!



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By Kathy Gurski

As I easily mixed and tossed spices, onion, eggplant with lambchops in a single pan on the top burner of the stove, where I often cook, it is easy to think, how similiar problem solving for interior design is to creative cooking. Both concern how things are put together. Perhaps with the similiarities, why I am known for and do

In both creative cooking and interior design you have a goal to achieve. In cooking you have a primary goal- to eat- and also to nourish the body. For me, I also like to cook for it to be easily done, more healthy, tasty,economical and served in a further nourishing manner. In interior design, there is the need to set up a space for specific functions and reasons, but while needs are to be addressed, there is so much more.  Often, there are existing elements, then we also want it to be easy use and care with added elements of preference, creativity and within certain affordable budget guides. Save time, money and have results be more!

Sear the seasoning for increased flavor, hmm- why not add fresh pears to also sear- fresh pears! Yes, add the fresh pears to complete the food groups and flavors and use one pan! I couldn’t help, but think, that some of life’s greatest executions, in cooking and design, have come from creative problem solving, which is after all just what a ‘Designer’ does for ‘Living’. Creatively think of a different way to use an element. Here in cooking, I used an interesting combination of protein, vegetable, plus fruit, easily cooked in one pan, served with a
cup of vegetable brown rice soup, in style, comfort and safety to make a delightful experience. When it is served at a table ready for celebration, as part of the room, in captivating colors with interesting fabric and accesories- it  makes a dining event!

Creativity for a unique dining experience or also on a drawing board bringing creative life to other functional design spaces, similiar principles of creative problem solving are used.  Just as Ceasar Salad was created from existing items available, so too can many a reinvented interior. Just as recipes come about from different angles such as: existing items and needs, focus on one particular or a whole new mixture, so too can your ‘plans’ your ‘Design For Living’. Plan a meal, a kitchen, an event, a dining area, for many or few…bring them
in, make them safe and comfortable- make it an experience, make living an event!

I enjoy projects of all size and type to be available to assist a range of client design needs. So whether designing plans, doing photography or writing about Living for print or web for Home, Hospitality, Business, Events at Home or Other, this ‘Designer For Living’ prefers to blend beneficial with creativity. To fill both function and feed the spirit with beauty and delight make a recipe that must be- well done!!!

Please call Kathy to inquire at: Kathy Gurski Design LLC
Ph 808-396-6668 Your Voicemail Mesage is appreciated.



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What’s In, what’s Out, what’s Hot, what’s Not!!!
This is the Type of Buzz, on the circuits and in the Press,
so many want to know!

In Interior Design:
While Green may be the new neutral, it is also, a way to go to
be really ‘thinking forward’ on things.
Mid century has past, but it is, the new modern!
Times may be changing, when aren’t they!?

So when you know what’s trending,
what do you do with it?
What do you do about YOUR Living?
Which niche do you fit? Which combo is thumbs up?
Do you want to fit in a box? I say what box?!

As a Designer, I have always believed, each Client is
unique in themselves. I work to create for those
Living Spaces, what is beneficial for its’ users. Yes,
even more so, in these times!
Professional design guidance is a smart
& an affordable choice available to you with planning
and  merchandise well priced and suited for your project.

We’re all looking for affordable ways to get the most
from our Living at home and away, at restaurants, hotels,
work, including at those special events. Each needs to
be done well to draw and be all we want them to be
wihin our budgets.

Creativity takes good care of an individual within all
kinds of spaces, budgets and getting more in many
parts of their living.

Going green to be friendly to our environment takes in
many ways. It can be considered from just how it was
made- to it’s use, reuse and recycling. There is reuse of
materials such as scraps or plastics for fabrics, carpet
or building materials. You may be surprised how much more
greener you can be, if not already.

Taking a good look at what you have to see how it fits
or can be effectively reworked in new ways is a great
way to save on your budget and environment and
rework a bit of history. There can be many answers.
A simple example as a barstool also becoming an added
counter space just by placing a secure top on it, gives
that extra landing space, leaving a seat when needed.

Going green with color, does change some each season,
in products marketed, yet how it’s used esp. with what
you already have, will give the true end result.

This year use of a soft rich green can be a delightful background
in a bathroom complementing wood colors, while also
setting off skin tones.

Color can enrich a space in so many ways, from subtle
shades such as a celery background to use of a rich
emerald hue accent or with a layering of multiple colors.

Paint for the shell of the space or it’s objects, brings a
new freshness and possible depth to a space, also a way
to bring in what is more current.
New additions of furnishings with objects in color, large
or small to the artistic and don’t forget, the usuable
accents all working together can breathe new life into
the familiar.

There has been a rekindling of mid century styling in
furnishings for today. It can bring a new appeal to
familiar design in furniture and fabrics.
This can be done by selecting new items or adding to
what you have.

Bringing together some items from the past reworked
in their own new set of colors and finish, used in a different
way, as I have done before for Clients is one way to start
to take yourself or business outside of the box to being your
own trend, your own design, your own budget.

Many a time I have done a design of an interior to only
see parts of it, later, become a trend.
The industry looks, asks and listens to designers.
Designers listen to Clients- together we set the trends!

For Assistance with Home, Hospitality, Business or Events,
please call Kathy Gurski Design LLC your call is welcome.
Ph 808-396-6668
More info at: www.kathygurskidesign.com