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By Kathy Gurski

Today’s living is only a click away for sure – for some things!
Get a quick product or what seems to be an answer, click it online. What about your Interior’s Design?
Today’s Living in Hawaii and Beyond is much the same, only we have added concerns of our beautiful environmental affects.

Interior Design is all to often referred to as, well when…….when I make… or when the kids are grown….. or that’s for those people, someone else, not me, I prefer to do it myself, those decisions are made by that department.

The truth is you are living now! Your needs are Now!  Assistance is available now. Those online answers are not necessarily for You! How can one answer possibly be for so many situations, let alone a vast amount of  preferences.  This may be one time when your answers are more than a click away. Personal evaluation from a freshly seasoned professional can offer a world of possibilities. Answers come from proper evaluation of needs, existing conditions and preferences translated into results for you.

This is not a click away, but an affordable means to better living for you. How? The answer is different for each situation. Of course more information is great, the more you know the better your choices. Those choices aren’t waiting for anything, because your living is today, whether you are planning for it or not.

Those temporary fixes may cost you more than building on your plan together. You deserve  at Home, a wonderful living environment, just as when you go to Work, Dinner, Vacation and on. You not only deserve it, but it is a requirement for some living and affects  your existence and your thriving.

No one really does anything alone, but rather chooses with whom they take an opinion or where they choose to purchase items. We have many resources available to us and this design professional is a valuable one. I can rework existing conditions and items in so many ways for your own unique results. With the proper assistance, you can save – time, money and get more.

Whatever your direction, there is affordable assistance available to you. I can offer review of an existing space to plan for use and change, plan for new, totally renovate, plan to sell or celebrate, there for your design needs.

Design, Merchandise, PhotoART for Home, Hospitality, Business, Events at Home or Other,
Writing and Photography for Print or Web

-To inquire please call Kathy
Ph 808-396-6668  at Kathy Gurski Design LLC
Your Voicemail Message is Appreciated

More than a click away!




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By Kathy Gurski

As I easily mixed and tossed spices, onion, eggplant with lambchops in a single pan on the top burner of the stove, where I often cook, it is easy to think, how similiar problem solving for interior design is to creative cooking. Both concern how things are put together. Perhaps with the similiarities, why I am known for and do

In both creative cooking and interior design you have a goal to achieve. In cooking you have a primary goal- to eat- and also to nourish the body. For me, I also like to cook for it to be easily done, more healthy, tasty,economical and served in a further nourishing manner. In interior design, there is the need to set up a space for specific functions and reasons, but while needs are to be addressed, there is so much more.  Often, there are existing elements, then we also want it to be easy use and care with added elements of preference, creativity and within certain affordable budget guides. Save time, money and have results be more!

Sear the seasoning for increased flavor, hmm- why not add fresh pears to also sear- fresh pears! Yes, add the fresh pears to complete the food groups and flavors and use one pan! I couldn’t help, but think, that some of life’s greatest executions, in cooking and design, have come from creative problem solving, which is after all just what a ‘Designer’ does for ‘Living’. Creatively think of a different way to use an element. Here in cooking, I used an interesting combination of protein, vegetable, plus fruit, easily cooked in one pan, served with a
cup of vegetable brown rice soup, in style, comfort and safety to make a delightful experience. When it is served at a table ready for celebration, as part of the room, in captivating colors with interesting fabric and accesories- it  makes a dining event!

Creativity for a unique dining experience or also on a drawing board bringing creative life to other functional design spaces, similiar principles of creative problem solving are used.  Just as Ceasar Salad was created from existing items available, so too can many a reinvented interior. Just as recipes come about from different angles such as: existing items and needs, focus on one particular or a whole new mixture, so too can your ‘plans’ your ‘Design For Living’. Plan a meal, a kitchen, an event, a dining area, for many or few…bring them
in, make them safe and comfortable- make it an experience, make living an event!

I enjoy projects of all size and type to be available to assist a range of client design needs. So whether designing plans, doing photography or writing about Living for print or web for Home, Hospitality, Business, Events at Home or Other, this ‘Designer For Living’ prefers to blend beneficial with creativity. To fill both function and feed the spirit with beauty and delight make a recipe that must be- well done!!!

Please call Kathy to inquire at: Kathy Gurski Design LLC
Ph 808-396-6668 Your Voicemail Mesage is appreciated.



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What’s In, what’s Out, what’s Hot, what’s Not!!!
This is the Type of Buzz, on the circuits and in the Press,
so many want to know!

In Interior Design:
While Green may be the new neutral, it is also, a way to go to
be really ‘thinking forward’ on things.
Mid century has past, but it is, the new modern!
Times may be changing, when aren’t they!?

So when you know what’s trending,
what do you do with it?
What do you do about YOUR Living?
Which niche do you fit? Which combo is thumbs up?
Do you want to fit in a box? I say what box?!

As a Designer, I have always believed, each Client is
unique in themselves. I work to create for those
Living Spaces, what is beneficial for its’ users. Yes,
even more so, in these times!
Professional design guidance is a smart
& an affordable choice available to you with planning
and  merchandise well priced and suited for your project.

We’re all looking for affordable ways to get the most
from our Living at home and away, at restaurants, hotels,
work, including at those special events. Each needs to
be done well to draw and be all we want them to be
wihin our budgets.

Creativity takes good care of an individual within all
kinds of spaces, budgets and getting more in many
parts of their living.

Going green to be friendly to our environment takes in
many ways. It can be considered from just how it was
made- to it’s use, reuse and recycling. There is reuse of
materials such as scraps or plastics for fabrics, carpet
or building materials. You may be surprised how much more
greener you can be, if not already.

Taking a good look at what you have to see how it fits
or can be effectively reworked in new ways is a great
way to save on your budget and environment and
rework a bit of history. There can be many answers.
A simple example as a barstool also becoming an added
counter space just by placing a secure top on it, gives
that extra landing space, leaving a seat when needed.

Going green with color, does change some each season,
in products marketed, yet how it’s used esp. with what
you already have, will give the true end result.

This year use of a soft rich green can be a delightful background
in a bathroom complementing wood colors, while also
setting off skin tones.

Color can enrich a space in so many ways, from subtle
shades such as a celery background to use of a rich
emerald hue accent or with a layering of multiple colors.

Paint for the shell of the space or it’s objects, brings a
new freshness and possible depth to a space, also a way
to bring in what is more current.
New additions of furnishings with objects in color, large
or small to the artistic and don’t forget, the usuable
accents all working together can breathe new life into
the familiar.

There has been a rekindling of mid century styling in
furnishings for today. It can bring a new appeal to
familiar design in furniture and fabrics.
This can be done by selecting new items or adding to
what you have.

Bringing together some items from the past reworked
in their own new set of colors and finish, used in a different
way, as I have done before for Clients is one way to start
to take yourself or business outside of the box to being your
own trend, your own design, your own budget.

Many a time I have done a design of an interior to only
see parts of it, later, become a trend.
The industry looks, asks and listens to designers.
Designers listen to Clients- together we set the trends!

For Assistance with Home, Hospitality, Business or Events,
please call Kathy Gurski Design LLC your call is welcome.
Ph 808-396-6668
More info at: www.kathygurskidesign.com



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-From Kathy Gurski Design LLC www.kathygurskidesign.com

-Give a gift for yourself or others! -Gift Certificates available for Design Services or ‘Design A Room’ Classes.

Better Living enriches all our lives, whether smaller changes, review or full design & planning.

Please call 808-396-6668

For those who feel they want to be more hands on in the planning of their rooms, but still know professional
assistance is valuable-then this is for you!!! – ‘Design A Room’ Classes –
Offering classes where you actually work on a room of your own. Putting small groups together of those
interested in working on same type of rooms, such as: kitchen, bath, living, dining, bedroom, outdoor,
Each class will work on 1 type of room. Classes will be done in 4session intervals for each class. You need
time to do your homework. Each 4session class will be $500 with well priced merchandise to fulfill the plan.
Please call to to get on the list. Please leave your name, phone, type of room that you want to work and how
soon- presently, near future or other.
For Gift Certificates for Design Services, ‘Design A Room’ Classes or to Registration for a class, you will need to
send your non refundable payment payable to: Kathy Gurski Design LLC, PO Box 26285, Honolulu, Hi. 96825
Registration for classes is by prepayment only, but you can call to get on a list today. Details of where classes
will be held to follow. They will be at select honolulu showrooms.

Whether your choice is for design services, merchandise, classes or PhotoART at The PhotoART GALLERY at
www.kathygurskidesign.com  -let’s start enhancing your life now, with safety, function, & beauty, at affordable
pricing with savings to you.
Your questions are welcome- please call the office of Kathy Gurski Design LLC at 808-396-6668 —ALOHA!



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‘Drawn By The Light’ -A PhotoART Selection
Available From The PhotoART GALLERY at

Interior/Environmental Design is yet another way of saying
the surroundings in which you have ‘chosen’ to live and
how they affect you. Be Drawn By Their Light as my
PhotoART Selection draws you, in to it.
Living includes all aspects of your life, from work, play,
pray and the rest between…

These surroundings are everywhere from your Home,
Work, Church, Stores, Theatres, Hotels, Restaurants and
Yes- even those Celebration Environments- whether in
your home, public venue or points beyond.
They all deserve special attention to make your life
-really Living!

Good design is good design! Similiar guides apply.
We all want comfort, style, safety and affordability of
varied ranges for what you get. You can get some-
affordable fabulous, too! Its all in the creativity.
Each answer is different, that is why it is creativity.

When I did a birthday dinner in an industrial parking lot,
I did a fabric wall. The fabric wall, didn’t have to stay for
many years, but it did require, safely, creating that
interesting, fluttering backdrop, to stay in place and to
flutter. That was its job, to create a dreamlike wall
seperation. It did!
When I did fabric upholstered walls for a home, that
material was required and did maintain for years.
Both just walls? With the right choices, they became

Each choice brings some real living for your needs.
Sometimes other benefits are required to control various
elements such as sound, heat, light….its what it’s all about.

So whether I am doing a permanent environment to use
for many occassions, or creating an event, that environment
will bring some real living and with creativity the details
and the food- amazing! So I am told.

Whether for Home, Hospitality, Business
Or A Special Event,
Please do call the office of
Kathy Gurski Design LLC
Bus. Hrs. 9am-5pm M-F

Don’t  think you have much influence,
there is always a way, you can make things better.
Please call. – Aloha, Kathy G.



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   Title: ‘Come To The Water’

 Available from The PhotoART GALLERY at


To use creative solutions to solve your living space needs, wants and preferences is dipping into depths not imagined, whether for Home, Hospitality or Business. A refreshing solution is as rejuvenating as, when you ‘Come To The Water’.

Affordable choices of how you use art, color, lighting, materials, space planning, what you have and when and where to infuse a new element can be as vital as sometimes changing a whole plan. Staying with the same as others, does not solve what your space may need or what you would hope to achieve.  Are you wanting to draw attention, would choose to linger to relax and enjoy, do you want to discover, be more efficient to save or create a unique feature. Each choice affects results for you and your space whether that be for Home, Hospitality or Business -Please Inquire. Whether a redo, property review to open your eyes, simple changes or photography for art or promo for your property, Creative Solutions bring you Better Living ! Just as use of my PhotoART selection ‘Come To The Water can create a memory to a place, it can calm you when stressed or inspire you, how it is used can bring better living.  It can be used as a focus to draw you into a special place, as a vision to ponder and calm or with different placing, inspire you to the outdoors. It can be a beginning to a whole fresh area. Whether I am designing or photographing it is to bring a vision to light and use CREATIVITY FOR BETTER LIVING. For questions or assistance please do not hesitate to call the office at 808-396-6668 Bus Hrs M-F 9am-5pm. Please leave your message.



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Waves of Change form Hawaii
That Echo Around the World.
Peace Commemorative 12-10-2009

By Kathy Gurski

While this is my Companys’ motto, many may view is as something for
others, when I say ‘ it is available to everyone ! ! ! ‘
Having worked on projects in a wide range of budgets, style and type,
written articles and given free seminars, I know that the ‘ART OF LIVING’
is not only available, but vitally needed for everyone whether for

When things are wrong with a space, we are not at our best feeling or
productive self. When they are right, we feel and function better, which
is after all, a goal for all of us.
There is much on the market, internet, television, but there is also a lot
of confusion, errors and frustration, because problem solving and choices
need to be the result of what is right for your situation, needs, wants, and
goals. All too often, there is a wrong impression of how a designer works.

I know how this designer works, to find what works for the client, solving
issues, planning, saving, while also breathing into choices a creativity for
their ‘ own art of living.’  It is a career to continually be learning better ways,
greener ways, and products to offer clients a choice, a better choice for
service and all sorts of products. It is a talent to think out of the B O X and
an art for your living.

I give you a CHALLENGE to make a beneficial change to your space.

REMOVE something, whether it is unsafe as a scatter rug,  messy as a pile
of clutter, or a broken uncomfortable piece of furniture such as a chair.
You decide, although often one does not see the same as I would. Seeing
and reviewing together, only makes the client the winner.

Now ADD something to enhance. Perhaps enhance the safety like one of
my grab bars. Enhance the function yet with an art, like an organizer box and
not a plastic bin. How about adding a sculptural chair classic to replace
that broken or uncomfortable let alone a needed seat. My solutions would
be many. Some solutions for varied client needs are shown under DESIGN
on my web www.kathygurskidsign.com

Too much, take an area, de clutter and add a selection of my PhotoArt.
Whatever the change, it needs to be one of proper focus, so when you
enter, there is a new breath of something, whether it be peace, safety or
mere joy as you use the space.

For Home it may elevate your mood or thinking.
For Hospitality it should increase a benefit of users to be drawn
and increase profitability.
For business it would make work easier and work more productive for
an increase of the bottom line.
For each and any, an enhancement of your living.

I appreciate your consideration to use my design services and products.
Please see my website for information. It will assist your decision to call
for assistance, savings and good choices for your ‘Own Art Of Living’

Whether for Home, Hospitality Or Business please call: Kathy Gurski at
Kathy Gurski Design LLC         Ph 808-396-6668  Bus Hrs M-F  9am-5pm


A PLAN FOR CHANGE … Looking at Things in a Whole New Light !

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This fresh approach can be taken literally, by changing the type of lighting
that you use, the way you light your spaces or- the eyes used to see it. 

Changing lighting, is surely one way to visually and economically change
a space. How you use lighting, you can see how interesting it can be and
also be more efficient. The dollars that you spend today can pay off in 
savings of energy for years to come.

There are more choices than off color spiral bulbs. The proper choices 
give correct lighting for the activity, as well as, color perception for your
benefit and welfare. Lighting does affect productivity and how you feel
emotionally and physically.
Using dimmers controls energy and interest.
If done well, different choices can benefit atmosphere, use and save 
money on electric consumption.

Home, Hospitality or Business looking at things differently is yet another
way to use what you have in a whole new light. A creative spin is vital in 
these times to get real value from choices made. 

Take the home, it may go thru many stages, from different use at different
times, to growth, down-sizing or even it’s sale. A fresh approach just as 
with lighting, can also give you more from your choices and often save 
money. What you don’t need is as important as what you do. What was 
once used in one area can be new to another.

Condominium homes whether owned or rental can consider the same sort
of approach for the same importance. There are the added concerns of 
condo living with it’s affects on the building and consideration of nearer 
For examples, see my previous ARTICLE  A Time to Plan for Change -Carpet 

Wherever your home may be, it is yours when you close the door. It is not
intended to be the same as others, so choices won’t be the same as for others,
rather it can be your very own world, no matter what your budget.

Condominium public areas although public, are the entry to your personal
homes. While not intended to be your personal choices, they do set the 
tone for quality, use, safety of the property and future building expenses, 
all of which are important to maintain. An objective view here is necessary.
An objective professional approach takes in broader aspects for greater value
and cost effectiveness.  

Hospitality concerns are similiar, yet present a uniqueness to also draw 
visitors, to the public spaces, then create comfortable, unique to luxurious
inner spaces. They need to remain vital in today’s market to not only save
with proper choices, but to also make more profits by using existing areas
for greater benefits. 
I believe it important to offer your property with it’s own uniqueness it has
to offer, no matter what the size may be. 
Hawaii’s visitors are an important consideration, as well as, the local use. 

Businesses need much of the same, to be an efficient effective offering of 
goods and services for greater profit, while yet standing out as their own 

Home, Hospitality or Business-Looking at things in a fresh creative manner
brings the sort of benefits only imagined. Good design means good planning
to bring you to a beneficial place you want to be. 

Please do inquire about a property review to assist in your plan for change,
whether that be brief or more long range planning.
I know until I evaluate a project and interview the owner/user, what is right
and most beneficial for that specific Client is yet to fully develop. It is that specific
combination that blooms into your final end results. 
You can see some examples of choices made for specific clients, in the 
DESIGN section of my web. It shows only the beginning of possibilities.

Whether for HOME, HOSPITALITY OR BUSINESS looking at things in a whole
new light can bring you a world of change for the better. 
A property review can be an affordable start to your plan for change.
Profesional planning can be some of the best dollars that you spend,putting
your effort in what you want and is right for you, rather than wrong choices
that may not serve well or ever reach to where you could have been.
Proper planning is vital for full value of choices, even more fully realized 
upon the execution of the plans.

Let’s ‘look at things in a whole new light’, whether that be a checklist of 
where to head, better/efficient lighting, new materials such as carpet,  
respacing what you already have or a whole fresh way to use a new or 
existing space for greater effectiveness and value.

Thank you for your consideration to use my design services and products!
                        For assistance please call: Kathy at  Kathy Gurski Design LLC
                                                   PH (808) 396-6668    Bus Hrs  9am-5pm   M-F

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A wonderful change to consider is- Carpet!

Carpet can be a clean fresh start to revitalize many living areas.


The range of carpet styles can not only offer a fresh material, but a new

outlook to the same existing space. Carpet styles can be anywhere from

a seeming simple texture or plush weave on thru twists, loops, and  

combinations, also some with a pattern of tone on tone or use of multiple

colors for some interesting possibilities.


A picture shows so much. You can see some seletions available at

www.kathygurskidesign.com SELECTED PRODUCTS  Special Selection-Carpet


There are many choices of flooring, as well as, a wide range of carpet.

Why choose carpet? What type ?

Choosing carpet can be a great choice for many reasons.

Carpet can be an an affordable change offered in a range of quality & 

pricing, whether for your own living or for rental units.


It can offer a considerable change to freshen, upgrade, and alter the 

quality of living. The type you choose can give you the wear you can 



My designer selected/provided carpet offers value to many a style that 

may not be imagined to change a space. 

The good wearing easy clean fibers are woven into a variety of carpet 

styles for many a space.


Carpet is also comfortable. It  softer to the touch and easy on the body 

as you walk and sit upon it. 

Some of the lower denser carpet that I selected is easier for shuffling 

feet or those just learning to walk.


Carpet provides sound control within a space or between floors esp. 

important and appreciated in the home, condominiums buildings, hotels

or for many busineses. 


While carpet can service you well, even better with the proper pad, it 

also artistically can provide a background to set the tone for your kind 

of living, that will be upon it, in your style and for your type of use.

A creative selection can surprise your eyes and living for a range of 

different interior styles.

Combined with other materials and color, areas can be defined or 

when used throughout, have an expansive flow.


Whether for Home, Hospitality or Business, consider a time to plan for 

change with – carpet – as a good base to freshen or plan living spaces.


Consider this source & choice, working for you, for assistance, for quality,

for value, for your own world of change.


Thank You for your considerstion to use my design services and products.

For assistance & products – please call Kathy at Kathy Gurski Design LLC 

                                                 PH (808) 396-6668    Bus Hrs  9am-5pm M-F


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It is ‘Dawn’ (pg. 5 PhotoART GALLERY at kathygurskidesign.com)
a new day to be inspired, a new time in your life, to live fully, to
be ‘Drawn by The Light’ (pg.1), to shake things up,(Lotus Rattle
pg.7), to make a committement (‘Be My Love’ pg.12), a time to
take a closer look into your ‘Dream World’ (pg.11) – it is time to
make a plan for change.

Whether for Home, Hospitality or Business and you want your
environmental space to be an ‘Unfolding Mystery’ (pg.11) or ‘Just
For Fun’ (pg.11), there can be many things to not only maintain
the quality and safety of your property and spaces, but to also
breathe into them- creative life- with affordable choices.

These may be the times of your life, but many are fearful to blossum
or even allow themselves to begin to grow. I am here to encourage
you, work with you and inspire you to make the choice for enhancing
I encourage enhancing change to improve your Home Environments
for your own haven of personal expression.
With broader consideration, change to surrounding public areas of the
many condominium homes is vital to enhance entire property values.
Change for the Hospitality Market can creatively keep you not only in the
game, but make your own extra niche.
Change for Business can, not only, make your business, more attractive,
but be more productive.

There can be so many choices that fit together, like the pieces of a puzzle,
to more fully create your own final results. For this successful results, it is
necessary for evaluation, review and proper planning for even seemingly
the simplest of choices.
As an example, I was asked what is a good color for a bathroom?  Color is
an important part of many choices. This seems to be a simple question,
but who will use it, is there intended makeup application and what kind
of lighting will be used to name a few concerns- even what is the coloring
of the user??? Many wish to look at their best self. Background colors
affects the space and the users in feelings and appearance.
Since I knew those involved, I answered lavender. I was thinking a grey
lavender, but there are bright clear tones, off whites to varied shades of
greyed. Choices need to be seen with the other colors and under the
lighting that will be used, also with actual color sample pulled for the true

This process used is second nature to the designer, but can seem to be
daunting to others. If overlooked, as with this color choice, it may not feel
so good in the morning, makeup may not appear as you like, there may
be unwanted glare where a buffer would have been preferred or other
choices made just do not seem as good. What could have seemed to be a
fearful choice for some could actually be a soft enhancing tone that could
have been a more enriching choice to the user than some other choices
would seem to be. Could there be other color choices, sure, but each still
have their own considerations for the user…… creating their own results.
As with any choice, if planned for results, you plan for success.

As I began this article, I used examples of my PhotoART to show a range
of choices of varied subjects with different feelings they can give, an easy
place to start change. A PhotoART selection or one of my special Beautiful
Reflections Series of mirror/art combination can whimsically greet with
‘Hello’, inspire with ‘Soar’ or reflect one as special as a ‘Blue Sky Moon’.

Whether Home,  Hospitality or Business, when art is selected and placed
correctly, it can give you what you need when you need it and open
avenues when least expected. When art is considered with the right color
background, it can give a world of change and focus.

Art and Color are a great place to start for change.  They work together.
Take the lavender bathroom, the right choice of art could inspire at the
start of the day or be a refuge at the end- it can be a dynamic choice and
a start for change for you. A well selected piece of art on an enhancing
background of color can make a creative world of difference.

For Home, as you enter, consider an accent color for your art. You can be
greeted and drawn into the space and the art. For a child, focus on art
can give security or encouragement.
For public spaces, art throughout can elevate emptiness to greater value
and enjoyment. Background colors affect art, framing can connect art to
the space.
For Hospitality, art brings visitors to a special place to remember ,but to
a place they now also, call home. Colors can be soft with accents or color
with whites…. to your very own signature combination.
For business, art and color can give a restful reprieve for workers from
stress or create an atmosphere of your service . Do you want users to
be interested and leave or linger to enjoy.

Whatever the color choice combined with well chosen art—even better a
preselected and framed PhotoART selection from the PhotoART Gallery at
kathygurskidesign.com can give your space, whether for Home , Hospitality
or Business, a start to your own world of change.

For assistance and your source, please call the office:  808-396-6668
Kathy Gurski at Kathy Gurski Design LLC
-Let’s Start Your PLan For Change Now !