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TRENDING TODAY -Better Living ‘For YOUR Space!’

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on January 30, 2015

-Better Living
‘For YOUR Space!’

By Kathy Gurski
‘Your Designer For Better Living’ 

What do you want from ‘your’ living for today?! Most people seem to want-Better, More and Now! Wanting better, making things better- starts with You ‘YOUR SPACE’ and your decision to start now ! 

With your space more together, so are you. Getting the right assistance saves you on those costly mistakes and wasted time and those less productive purchases!

Your space working more for you, makes you more comfortable, more productive, more of a winner – ready for what is next to come. 

NOW, is the best time to make your plans of how to make your living better! What are you thinking?

At the start of any season, whether that be for spring, summer, winter, fall, holiday or baby, college, new job, interest, more responsibilities, moving, retirement…ect, a productive plan is the way to be ready, to get more and more value, from your time spent, investment and ‘Your Living’! Isn’t this the -MORE- that we all want and hope to achieve!

So what are your plans for your season…? 
Please call to get started. Let’s get started Now!

Where to start? Next article…we begin…! 

For questions or assistance to MORE, whether you are spending more or less, yet with better results for you, please call:
Kathy Gurski 396-6668 at
Kathy Gurski Design LLC 

Design For Many A Space, Merchandise, PhotoART, 
Writing, and Photography For Your Better Living! 

Voicemail Message, Only, Available and Appreciated
for an Affordable Start to a New Direction for You!


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