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The Better Side of Thirteen

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on January 13, 2014

The Better Side of Thirteen
– The Inspiration of Page Thirteen
of The PhotoART GALLERY@

Shared With You By Kathy Gurski

The 13th Day of The 13th Month
Following The 12 Months of 2013

Let the notable significance of the number thirteen, intended for this Page 13 of The PhotoART GALLERY @www.kathygurskidesign.com, assist to transcend you- to a better place.

We all have our own difficulties in life, gratefully we must know there are different ways and assistance to help, from the inside, out.

As I approached page 13 of my PhotoART GALLERY, I was inspired to make Page ’13’ be something more. It is intended to share images and thoughts to even more so, inspire those going through – difficult times, with emotional, other illnesses or simply looking to find a better way in life- take them to ‘The Better Side Of Thirteen.’

The number thirteen actually has much more notable significance than many may realize. Even as in a bakers dozen of 13 -you get more.

In Roman Catholicism, 13 is noted to be the day of each 6 consecutive months on which Our Lady of Fatima appeared.

With Jesus and the 12 apostles you have a very notable group of -13.

In Hindi, 13 is Terah, which means ‘yours’.

In Judaism, 13 yrs is a sign of significant maturity and
the Torah has 13 Attributes of Mercy.

For those that may consider 13 as somewhat evil- let this page be the total contrast of it.

In Chinese 13 means assured growth or definitely vibrant.

This side of 13 certainly sounds like Good Life to me, which has inspired the PhotoART of my Page 13.

My Art can be many things, also including- inspirational,spiritual to even whimsical. So, whether you are ‘Drawn By The Light’ (Pg1), realize ‘There Is Greatness In The Shadows’ (Pg2) or you wish to Bee-lieve (Pg4) and ‘Soar’ (Pg4), perhaps my Page 13 will help you or  others that you may wish to share it, ‘On Your Journey…’, -‘Reach Ever To The Light!’ to ‘Discover ‘JOY’ When Least Expected!’

The best to you, on your journey! -Aloha, Kathy

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