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Please Call ‘Your Designer For Better Living’

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on January 12, 2014

Your call is very welcome to inquire about any size, type of project, review, change, saving money, getting more in your plan- For Better Living!

We can achieve more than you may imagine with creativity, affordable good design, merchandise, photography and writing for print or web available for Home, Hospitality, Business or Events. Your call can be the start of bringing more to your living.

While there is much out there with a click, it can only be a general exposure, yet often telling you what you need to do or have… but how do they know you?! From the start, we begin to see the direction you would like to take.

While we all have similiar requirements, we are all unique and in many varied situations. For a flourishing life that we all deserve, at all economic levels, there needs to be a fine tuning in, with a goal, for a more successful end results. The sooner you start the better the results. Isn’t that, after all, what you really want, especially with a process that will take more than a click, but is worth it!

Communication, from early on, is so important. My website gives a lot of information to familiarize you with my work, how important planning is and how interesting it can be achieving your goals.

With your call, we can actually save time with a few questions answered and get to more of what is really needed for a clients’ -Better Living.

My Creativity benefits many areas of my design work, photography and writing. Education, working with a variety of different people and types of projects brings experience to many a project large or small. Whether a room, review, change, addition, new, or remodel for Home to Homeless, Hospitality, Business, Events or Photography and Writing- please call to inquire.

In my work, I think it is important to find what is unique for each project, express it, plan it for function, safety, art, budget, often capture it in photo and have written about the living it expresses in articles for newspaper, magazine and web.

I have chosen to offer these related areas of work for Better Living, to be available for what a Client needs through different times of their lives. I offer planning and merchandise to photography and writing to express it and bring it home to you.

To bring you more, save you time and money, my experience with space planning, merchandise, budget, safety, photography, writing…together with my Creativity is so much more than a click. I enjoy working on a variety of projects.

-Please Call for a range of style, type and size of project. Your call is appreciated.

-Planning a new home or Selling an existing home.

-Rework a room, add or change it.

-Review your property w/suggestions to plan for change.

-Set up a celebration for home or away.

-Review event plans to add or simplify..

-Change a space, color, material, lighting add art…..

-A Source for Planning, Merchandise, PhotoArt

-Articles or Copy that share Better Living for print or Web.

-Writing to bring more to your web, so you can have More for your Better Living!

Whether for HOME, HOSPITALITY, BUSINESS, EVENTS for Home or Away, Photography or Writing for Print or Web
-Please Call
‘Your Designer For Better Living’
“This is Kathy…”

Kathy Gurski Design LLC
Ph 808-396-6668
Your voicemail is appreciated, so that I May better answer your call.
No texting available.
I prefer talking to typing for more time to get to the real work for you.

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