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By Kathy Gurski
Interior/Environmental Designer For Your Living

Even when NOT considering big changes in your living spaces, making the right smaller changes, can make a world of difference.

With my ‘property review’, which can be from a single room to an entire property, we can take a new look at the best and worse of what is already there. We can build upon existing, rework, remove, add or change where needed or where it can be more beneficial to you. By using the best of what you already have, but with fresh creative eyes,you go more green for the environment and get an enhanced results from what already is. You do not need to start all new to get professional design assistance, but even for changes to part or to create a plan.

Design means to plan with intent and that refers to all aspects in the plan for your spaces, from the planning and spacing for functions, to selections of materials, finishes, furniture, well chosen well-placed art and accessories.

To consider furnishings whether for residential or commercial as merely decorative is an unfortunate error of clouded thinking from the past where the interior design field has grown. Some may try to seperate, rather than understand the value of the design professional inclusion in all areas for a truly enhanced well executed design for many areas of your living. Better choices can save money whether now or over time.

For your Home, we may make better use of your space, that you pay well to have. We may create that place for your prized collection or a personal find that makes your space home. With a better place to relax and enjoy it all gives you greater value. Perhaps we rework one rooms’ no need to this rooms must be taking better advantage of what is.

For Hospitality, small changes for big results expected, make more revenues, by bringing back more business to your created brand. Whatever your brand may be it needs to set you apart from others. I enjoy creating and working
with many style translations, which is the Designer’s role, whether that be the very conservative or to out of the box. Consider all areas from lobby freshening, changes for upkeep, even venue reviews for return income .

For business consider changes for greater identification and increased income. While making a change of new flooring materials, also at that time, we can plan for ease of movement, seperation or storage can be achieved. Good use of time, efforts and materials makes good business sense- and savings.

Whether for HOME, HOSPITALITY, BUSINESS, EVENTS for Home or Other
Services are affordably available from this Designer For Your Living.

Design, Merchandise, PhotoART, Staging, Writing or Photography for Print or Web
-please consider and inquire.
Kathy Gurski
Kathy Gurski Design LLC
Ph 808-396-6668
Voicemail Only, Your message is appreciated.

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