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Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on May 22, 2013

By Kathy Gurski

Today’s living is only a click away for sure – for some things!
Get a quick product or what seems to be an answer, click it online. What about your Interior’s Design?
Today’s Living in Hawaii and Beyond is much the same, only we have added concerns of our beautiful environmental affects.

Interior Design is all to often referred to as, well when…….when I make… or when the kids are grown….. or that’s for those people, someone else, not me, I prefer to do it myself, those decisions are made by that department.

The truth is you are living now! Your needs are Now!  Assistance is available now. Those online answers are not necessarily for You! How can one answer possibly be for so many situations, let alone a vast amount of  preferences.  This may be one time when your answers are more than a click away. Personal evaluation from a freshly seasoned professional can offer a world of possibilities. Answers come from proper evaluation of needs, existing conditions and preferences translated into results for you.

This is not a click away, but an affordable means to better living for you. How? The answer is different for each situation. Of course more information is great, the more you know the better your choices. Those choices aren’t waiting for anything, because your living is today, whether you are planning for it or not.

Those temporary fixes may cost you more than building on your plan together. You deserve  at Home, a wonderful living environment, just as when you go to Work, Dinner, Vacation and on. You not only deserve it, but it is a requirement for some living and affects  your existence and your thriving.

No one really does anything alone, but rather chooses with whom they take an opinion or where they choose to purchase items. We have many resources available to us and this design professional is a valuable one. I can rework existing conditions and items in so many ways for your own unique results. With the proper assistance, you can save – time, money and get more.

Whatever your direction, there is affordable assistance available to you. I can offer review of an existing space to plan for use and change, plan for new, totally renovate, plan to sell or celebrate, there for your design needs.

Design, Merchandise, PhotoART for Home, Hospitality, Business, Events at Home or Other,
Writing and Photography for Print or Web

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Ph 808-396-6668  at Kathy Gurski Design LLC
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