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Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on May 22, 2013

By Kathy Gurski

As I easily mixed and tossed spices, onion, eggplant with lambchops in a single pan on the top burner of the stove, where I often cook, it is easy to think, how similiar problem solving for interior design is to creative cooking. Both concern how things are put together. Perhaps with the similiarities, why I am known for and do

In both creative cooking and interior design you have a goal to achieve. In cooking you have a primary goal- to eat- and also to nourish the body. For me, I also like to cook for it to be easily done, more healthy, tasty,economical and served in a further nourishing manner. In interior design, there is the need to set up a space for specific functions and reasons, but while needs are to be addressed, there is so much more.  Often, there are existing elements, then we also want it to be easy use and care with added elements of preference, creativity and within certain affordable budget guides. Save time, money and have results be more!

Sear the seasoning for increased flavor, hmm- why not add fresh pears to also sear- fresh pears! Yes, add the fresh pears to complete the food groups and flavors and use one pan! I couldn’t help, but think, that some of life’s greatest executions, in cooking and design, have come from creative problem solving, which is after all just what a ‘Designer’ does for ‘Living’. Creatively think of a different way to use an element. Here in cooking, I used an interesting combination of protein, vegetable, plus fruit, easily cooked in one pan, served with a
cup of vegetable brown rice soup, in style, comfort and safety to make a delightful experience. When it is served at a table ready for celebration, as part of the room, in captivating colors with interesting fabric and accesories- it  makes a dining event!

Creativity for a unique dining experience or also on a drawing board bringing creative life to other functional design spaces, similiar principles of creative problem solving are used.  Just as Ceasar Salad was created from existing items available, so too can many a reinvented interior. Just as recipes come about from different angles such as: existing items and needs, focus on one particular or a whole new mixture, so too can your ‘plans’ your ‘Design For Living’. Plan a meal, a kitchen, an event, a dining area, for many or few…bring them
in, make them safe and comfortable- make it an experience, make living an event!

I enjoy projects of all size and type to be available to assist a range of client design needs. So whether designing plans, doing photography or writing about Living for print or web for Home, Hospitality, Business, Events at Home or Other, this ‘Designer For Living’ prefers to blend beneficial with creativity. To fill both function and feed the spirit with beauty and delight make a recipe that must be- well done!!!

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