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What’s In, what’s Out, what’s Hot, what’s Not!!!
This is the Type of Buzz, on the circuits and in the Press,
so many want to know!

In Interior Design:
While Green may be the new neutral, it is also, a way to go to
be really ‘thinking forward’ on things.
Mid century has past, but it is, the new modern!
Times may be changing, when aren’t they!?

So when you know what’s trending,
what do you do with it?
What do you do about YOUR Living?
Which niche do you fit? Which combo is thumbs up?
Do you want to fit in a box? I say what box?!

As a Designer, I have always believed, each Client is
unique in themselves. I work to create for those
Living Spaces, what is beneficial for its’ users. Yes,
even more so, in these times!
Professional design guidance is a smart
& an affordable choice available to you with planning
and  merchandise well priced and suited for your project.

We’re all looking for affordable ways to get the most
from our Living at home and away, at restaurants, hotels,
work, including at those special events. Each needs to
be done well to draw and be all we want them to be
wihin our budgets.

Creativity takes good care of an individual within all
kinds of spaces, budgets and getting more in many
parts of their living.

Going green to be friendly to our environment takes in
many ways. It can be considered from just how it was
made- to it’s use, reuse and recycling. There is reuse of
materials such as scraps or plastics for fabrics, carpet
or building materials. You may be surprised how much more
greener you can be, if not already.

Taking a good look at what you have to see how it fits
or can be effectively reworked in new ways is a great
way to save on your budget and environment and
rework a bit of history. There can be many answers.
A simple example as a barstool also becoming an added
counter space just by placing a secure top on it, gives
that extra landing space, leaving a seat when needed.

Going green with color, does change some each season,
in products marketed, yet how it’s used esp. with what
you already have, will give the true end result.

This year use of a soft rich green can be a delightful background
in a bathroom complementing wood colors, while also
setting off skin tones.

Color can enrich a space in so many ways, from subtle
shades such as a celery background to use of a rich
emerald hue accent or with a layering of multiple colors.

Paint for the shell of the space or it’s objects, brings a
new freshness and possible depth to a space, also a way
to bring in what is more current.
New additions of furnishings with objects in color, large
or small to the artistic and don’t forget, the usuable
accents all working together can breathe new life into
the familiar.

There has been a rekindling of mid century styling in
furnishings for today. It can bring a new appeal to
familiar design in furniture and fabrics.
This can be done by selecting new items or adding to
what you have.

Bringing together some items from the past reworked
in their own new set of colors and finish, used in a different
way, as I have done before for Clients is one way to start
to take yourself or business outside of the box to being your
own trend, your own design, your own budget.

Many a time I have done a design of an interior to only
see parts of it, later, become a trend.
The industry looks, asks and listens to designers.
Designers listen to Clients- together we set the trends!

For Assistance with Home, Hospitality, Business or Events,
please call Kathy Gurski Design LLC your call is welcome.
Ph 808-396-6668
More info at: www.kathygurskidesign.com


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