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Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on October 26, 2012

‘Drawn By The Light’ -A PhotoART Selection
Available From The PhotoART GALLERY at

Interior/Environmental Design is yet another way of saying
the surroundings in which you have ‘chosen’ to live and
how they affect you. Be Drawn By Their Light as my
PhotoART Selection draws you, in to it.
Living includes all aspects of your life, from work, play,
pray and the rest between…

These surroundings are everywhere from your Home,
Work, Church, Stores, Theatres, Hotels, Restaurants and
Yes- even those Celebration Environments- whether in
your home, public venue or points beyond.
They all deserve special attention to make your life
-really Living!

Good design is good design! Similiar guides apply.
We all want comfort, style, safety and affordability of
varied ranges for what you get. You can get some-
affordable fabulous, too! Its all in the creativity.
Each answer is different, that is why it is creativity.

When I did a birthday dinner in an industrial parking lot,
I did a fabric wall. The fabric wall, didn’t have to stay for
many years, but it did require, safely, creating that
interesting, fluttering backdrop, to stay in place and to
flutter. That was its job, to create a dreamlike wall
seperation. It did!
When I did fabric upholstered walls for a home, that
material was required and did maintain for years.
Both just walls? With the right choices, they became

Each choice brings some real living for your needs.
Sometimes other benefits are required to control various
elements such as sound, heat, light….its what it’s all about.

So whether I am doing a permanent environment to use
for many occassions, or creating an event, that environment
will bring some real living and with creativity the details
and the food- amazing! So I am told.

Whether for Home, Hospitality, Business
Or A Special Event,
Please do call the office of
Kathy Gurski Design LLC
Bus. Hrs. 9am-5pm M-F

Don’t  think you have much influence,
there is always a way, you can make things better.
Please call. – Aloha, Kathy G.



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