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Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on September 16, 2012

   Title: ‘Come To The Water’

 Available from The PhotoART GALLERY at


To use creative solutions to solve your living space needs, wants and preferences is dipping into depths not imagined, whether for Home, Hospitality or Business. A refreshing solution is as rejuvenating as, when you ‘Come To The Water’.

Affordable choices of how you use art, color, lighting, materials, space planning, what you have and when and where to infuse a new element can be as vital as sometimes changing a whole plan. Staying with the same as others, does not solve what your space may need or what you would hope to achieve.  Are you wanting to draw attention, would choose to linger to relax and enjoy, do you want to discover, be more efficient to save or create a unique feature. Each choice affects results for you and your space whether that be for Home, Hospitality or Business -Please Inquire. Whether a redo, property review to open your eyes, simple changes or photography for art or promo for your property, Creative Solutions bring you Better Living ! Just as use of my PhotoART selection ‘Come To The Water can create a memory to a place, it can calm you when stressed or inspire you, how it is used can bring better living.  It can be used as a focus to draw you into a special place, as a vision to ponder and calm or with different placing, inspire you to the outdoors. It can be a beginning to a whole fresh area. Whether I am designing or photographing it is to bring a vision to light and use CREATIVITY FOR BETTER LIVING. For questions or assistance please do not hesitate to call the office at 808-396-6668 Bus Hrs M-F 9am-5pm. Please leave your message.


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