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Waves of Change form Hawaii
That Echo Around the World.
Peace Commemorative 12-10-2009

By Kathy Gurski

While this is my Companys’ motto, many may view is as something for
others, when I say ‘ it is available to everyone ! ! ! ‘
Having worked on projects in a wide range of budgets, style and type,
written articles and given free seminars, I know that the ‘ART OF LIVING’
is not only available, but vitally needed for everyone whether for

When things are wrong with a space, we are not at our best feeling or
productive self. When they are right, we feel and function better, which
is after all, a goal for all of us.
There is much on the market, internet, television, but there is also a lot
of confusion, errors and frustration, because problem solving and choices
need to be the result of what is right for your situation, needs, wants, and
goals. All too often, there is a wrong impression of how a designer works.

I know how this designer works, to find what works for the client, solving
issues, planning, saving, while also breathing into choices a creativity for
their ‘ own art of living.’  It is a career to continually be learning better ways,
greener ways, and products to offer clients a choice, a better choice for
service and all sorts of products. It is a talent to think out of the B O X and
an art for your living.

I give you a CHALLENGE to make a beneficial change to your space.

REMOVE something, whether it is unsafe as a scatter rug,  messy as a pile
of clutter, or a broken uncomfortable piece of furniture such as a chair.
You decide, although often one does not see the same as I would. Seeing
and reviewing together, only makes the client the winner.

Now ADD something to enhance. Perhaps enhance the safety like one of
my grab bars. Enhance the function yet with an art, like an organizer box and
not a plastic bin. How about adding a sculptural chair classic to replace
that broken or uncomfortable let alone a needed seat. My solutions would
be many. Some solutions for varied client needs are shown under DESIGN
on my web www.kathygurskidsign.com

Too much, take an area, de clutter and add a selection of my PhotoArt.
Whatever the change, it needs to be one of proper focus, so when you
enter, there is a new breath of something, whether it be peace, safety or
mere joy as you use the space.

For Home it may elevate your mood or thinking.
For Hospitality it should increase a benefit of users to be drawn
and increase profitability.
For business it would make work easier and work more productive for
an increase of the bottom line.
For each and any, an enhancement of your living.

I appreciate your consideration to use my design services and products.
Please see my website for information. It will assist your decision to call
for assistance, savings and good choices for your ‘Own Art Of Living’

Whether for Home, Hospitality Or Business please call: Kathy Gurski at
Kathy Gurski Design LLC         Ph 808-396-6668  Bus Hrs M-F  9am-5pm


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