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A wonderful change to consider is- Carpet!

Carpet can be a clean fresh start to revitalize many living areas.


The range of carpet styles can not only offer a fresh material, but a new

outlook to the same existing space. Carpet styles can be anywhere from

a seeming simple texture or plush weave on thru twists, loops, and  

combinations, also some with a pattern of tone on tone or use of multiple

colors for some interesting possibilities.


A picture shows so much. You can see some seletions available at

www.kathygurskidesign.com SELECTED PRODUCTS  Special Selection-Carpet


There are many choices of flooring, as well as, a wide range of carpet.

Why choose carpet? What type ?

Choosing carpet can be a great choice for many reasons.

Carpet can be an an affordable change offered in a range of quality & 

pricing, whether for your own living or for rental units.


It can offer a considerable change to freshen, upgrade, and alter the 

quality of living. The type you choose can give you the wear you can 



My designer selected/provided carpet offers value to many a style that 

may not be imagined to change a space. 

The good wearing easy clean fibers are woven into a variety of carpet 

styles for many a space.


Carpet is also comfortable. It  softer to the touch and easy on the body 

as you walk and sit upon it. 

Some of the lower denser carpet that I selected is easier for shuffling 

feet or those just learning to walk.


Carpet provides sound control within a space or between floors esp. 

important and appreciated in the home, condominiums buildings, hotels

or for many busineses. 


While carpet can service you well, even better with the proper pad, it 

also artistically can provide a background to set the tone for your kind 

of living, that will be upon it, in your style and for your type of use.

A creative selection can surprise your eyes and living for a range of 

different interior styles.

Combined with other materials and color, areas can be defined or 

when used throughout, have an expansive flow.


Whether for Home, Hospitality or Business, consider a time to plan for 

change with – carpet – as a good base to freshen or plan living spaces.


Consider this source & choice, working for you, for assistance, for quality,

for value, for your own world of change.


Thank You for your considerstion to use my design services and products.

For assistance & products – please call Kathy at Kathy Gurski Design LLC 

                                                 PH (808) 396-6668    Bus Hrs  9am-5pm M-F


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