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A PLAN FOR CHANGE … Looking at Things in a Whole New Light !

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on April 22, 2012

This fresh approach can be taken literally, by changing the type of lighting
that you use, the way you light your spaces or- the eyes used to see it. 

Changing lighting, is surely one way to visually and economically change
a space. How you use lighting, you can see how interesting it can be and
also be more efficient. The dollars that you spend today can pay off in 
savings of energy for years to come.

There are more choices than off color spiral bulbs. The proper choices 
give correct lighting for the activity, as well as, color perception for your
benefit and welfare. Lighting does affect productivity and how you feel
emotionally and physically.
Using dimmers controls energy and interest.
If done well, different choices can benefit atmosphere, use and save 
money on electric consumption.

Home, Hospitality or Business looking at things differently is yet another
way to use what you have in a whole new light. A creative spin is vital in 
these times to get real value from choices made. 

Take the home, it may go thru many stages, from different use at different
times, to growth, down-sizing or even it’s sale. A fresh approach just as 
with lighting, can also give you more from your choices and often save 
money. What you don’t need is as important as what you do. What was 
once used in one area can be new to another.

Condominium homes whether owned or rental can consider the same sort
of approach for the same importance. There are the added concerns of 
condo living with it’s affects on the building and consideration of nearer 
For examples, see my previous ARTICLE  A Time to Plan for Change -Carpet 

Wherever your home may be, it is yours when you close the door. It is not
intended to be the same as others, so choices won’t be the same as for others,
rather it can be your very own world, no matter what your budget.

Condominium public areas although public, are the entry to your personal
homes. While not intended to be your personal choices, they do set the 
tone for quality, use, safety of the property and future building expenses, 
all of which are important to maintain. An objective view here is necessary.
An objective professional approach takes in broader aspects for greater value
and cost effectiveness.  

Hospitality concerns are similiar, yet present a uniqueness to also draw 
visitors, to the public spaces, then create comfortable, unique to luxurious
inner spaces. They need to remain vital in today’s market to not only save
with proper choices, but to also make more profits by using existing areas
for greater benefits. 
I believe it important to offer your property with it’s own uniqueness it has
to offer, no matter what the size may be. 
Hawaii’s visitors are an important consideration, as well as, the local use. 

Businesses need much of the same, to be an efficient effective offering of 
goods and services for greater profit, while yet standing out as their own 

Home, Hospitality or Business-Looking at things in a fresh creative manner
brings the sort of benefits only imagined. Good design means good planning
to bring you to a beneficial place you want to be. 

Please do inquire about a property review to assist in your plan for change,
whether that be brief or more long range planning.
I know until I evaluate a project and interview the owner/user, what is right
and most beneficial for that specific Client is yet to fully develop. It is that specific
combination that blooms into your final end results. 
You can see some examples of choices made for specific clients, in the 
DESIGN section of my web. It shows only the beginning of possibilities.

Whether for HOME, HOSPITALITY OR BUSINESS looking at things in a whole
new light can bring you a world of change for the better. 
A property review can be an affordable start to your plan for change.
Profesional planning can be some of the best dollars that you spend,putting
your effort in what you want and is right for you, rather than wrong choices
that may not serve well or ever reach to where you could have been.
Proper planning is vital for full value of choices, even more fully realized 
upon the execution of the plans.

Let’s ‘look at things in a whole new light’, whether that be a checklist of 
where to head, better/efficient lighting, new materials such as carpet,  
respacing what you already have or a whole fresh way to use a new or 
existing space for greater effectiveness and value.

Thank you for your consideration to use my design services and products!
                        For assistance please call: Kathy at  Kathy Gurski Design LLC
                                                   PH (808) 396-6668    Bus Hrs  9am-5pm   M-F


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