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Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on February 17, 2012

It is ‘Dawn’ (pg. 5 PhotoART GALLERY at kathygurskidesign.com)
a new day to be inspired, a new time in your life, to live fully, to
be ‘Drawn by The Light’ (pg.1), to shake things up,(Lotus Rattle
pg.7), to make a committement (‘Be My Love’ pg.12), a time to
take a closer look into your ‘Dream World’ (pg.11) – it is time to
make a plan for change.

Whether for Home, Hospitality or Business and you want your
environmental space to be an ‘Unfolding Mystery’ (pg.11) or ‘Just
For Fun’ (pg.11), there can be many things to not only maintain
the quality and safety of your property and spaces, but to also
breathe into them- creative life- with affordable choices.

These may be the times of your life, but many are fearful to blossum
or even allow themselves to begin to grow. I am here to encourage
you, work with you and inspire you to make the choice for enhancing
I encourage enhancing change to improve your Home Environments
for your own haven of personal expression.
With broader consideration, change to surrounding public areas of the
many condominium homes is vital to enhance entire property values.
Change for the Hospitality Market can creatively keep you not only in the
game, but make your own extra niche.
Change for Business can, not only, make your business, more attractive,
but be more productive.

There can be so many choices that fit together, like the pieces of a puzzle,
to more fully create your own final results. For this successful results, it is
necessary for evaluation, review and proper planning for even seemingly
the simplest of choices.
As an example, I was asked what is a good color for a bathroom?  Color is
an important part of many choices. This seems to be a simple question,
but who will use it, is there intended makeup application and what kind
of lighting will be used to name a few concerns- even what is the coloring
of the user??? Many wish to look at their best self. Background colors
affects the space and the users in feelings and appearance.
Since I knew those involved, I answered lavender. I was thinking a grey
lavender, but there are bright clear tones, off whites to varied shades of
greyed. Choices need to be seen with the other colors and under the
lighting that will be used, also with actual color sample pulled for the true

This process used is second nature to the designer, but can seem to be
daunting to others. If overlooked, as with this color choice, it may not feel
so good in the morning, makeup may not appear as you like, there may
be unwanted glare where a buffer would have been preferred or other
choices made just do not seem as good. What could have seemed to be a
fearful choice for some could actually be a soft enhancing tone that could
have been a more enriching choice to the user than some other choices
would seem to be. Could there be other color choices, sure, but each still
have their own considerations for the user…… creating their own results.
As with any choice, if planned for results, you plan for success.

As I began this article, I used examples of my PhotoART to show a range
of choices of varied subjects with different feelings they can give, an easy
place to start change. A PhotoART selection or one of my special Beautiful
Reflections Series of mirror/art combination can whimsically greet with
‘Hello’, inspire with ‘Soar’ or reflect one as special as a ‘Blue Sky Moon’.

Whether Home,  Hospitality or Business, when art is selected and placed
correctly, it can give you what you need when you need it and open
avenues when least expected. When art is considered with the right color
background, it can give a world of change and focus.

Art and Color are a great place to start for change.  They work together.
Take the lavender bathroom, the right choice of art could inspire at the
start of the day or be a refuge at the end- it can be a dynamic choice and
a start for change for you. A well selected piece of art on an enhancing
background of color can make a creative world of difference.

For Home, as you enter, consider an accent color for your art. You can be
greeted and drawn into the space and the art. For a child, focus on art
can give security or encouragement.
For public spaces, art throughout can elevate emptiness to greater value
and enjoyment. Background colors affect art, framing can connect art to
the space.
For Hospitality, art brings visitors to a special place to remember ,but to
a place they now also, call home. Colors can be soft with accents or color
with whites…. to your very own signature combination.
For business, art and color can give a restful reprieve for workers from
stress or create an atmosphere of your service . Do you want users to
be interested and leave or linger to enjoy.

Whatever the color choice combined with well chosen art—even better a
preselected and framed PhotoART selection from the PhotoART Gallery at
kathygurskidesign.com can give your space, whether for Home , Hospitality
or Business, a start to your own world of change.

For assistance and your source, please call the office:  808-396-6668
Kathy Gurski at Kathy Gurski Design LLC
-Let’s Start Your PLan For Change Now !




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