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A Proper Home For Everyone – Including The Homeless

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on November 4, 2011

A Proper Home For Everyone – Including The Homeless
By Kathy Gurski, Kathy Gurski Design LLC

As an interior / environmental designer, it is my profession working with
the setting up just how people live. Proper planning well selected properly
priced merchandise with applied creativity brings solutions for not only a
beautiful, but more nurturing, safer, enhanced living environment for a
range of budgets and type of space. No matter at what level, we all have
similiar basic needs such as: for our own sense of place, our own personal
space, light, air, color, sanitation, storage, as well as requirements with our
preferences even as to the amount of things around us, to name just a few,
to make a proper home.  We all want, need, and deserve a proper home
and that includes – the homeless.

We have seen the economy and job market in need of attention for growth
and thriving, while the homeless population has shamefully grown everywhere.
Here in Hawaii, it also breaks one’s heart to see the homeless living in public
parks, under bridges and trees, along fences, and city street sidewalks. Public
areas are taken over, creating barriers, health hazzards, and unsafe conditions
for the public and those in need. Although there are programs and efforts,
obviously something more has to be done and – NOW – not with a mere bandaid
fix, but to solve the problem and assist to work toward – A Proper Home For
Everyone !

Clearly Hawaii is a unique and wonderful place with lush natural assets and
a rich mixture of cultural backgrounds. The Hawaiian people have been known
to care for it’s people. This can be seen through the real spirit of aloha, hanai
families, hospitality and welcome to others. This genuine aloha enhances
Hawaii as home and a resort destination. The real aloha spirit is also adapted
by those who make Hawaii home.

I believe that the uniqueness of Hawaii can find it’s own type of solution for
the homeless. There is a segment of homeless that appear to choose to live on the
street or the beach, shunning a shelter or seeming to prefer a type of unrestricted
living or is it really? This choice may be due to mental or physical illness, abuse,
shame or lack of adequate alternatives. Since there are different reasons,
there is a need for different solutions. Just offering a cramped over crowded
place may be well intended, but can stir other problems. What may seem
like ingratitude is really a reaction to the wrong kind of place.

We are a community living and working together- no matter the economic
status. We all have something to respectfully offer. In earlier times the people
lived from the land as a community. Perhaps we can take a cue from the ancient
Hawaiians and create an updated version of a community or types of communities
that provide real living quarters from perhaps a form of camping to a more solid
refuge,with medical assistance, a means to earn your way to be of value, develop
talents, use the land to assist producing products to use for survival and for
productivity, which can benefit the entire community.

Create an environment that actually draws people to it- to encourage them
to be healthy and to do so must be clean and sober and pass medical exam
to participate. It then becomes their choice to be encouraged for some who
need to get medical assistance under a more protected apealing environment.
An open feeling community that offers a way, rather than a scary cramped
quarters of who knows what’s there. A settlement that actually need not be
a homeless shelter, but a real working  community that assists those in need.
This real way of life community growing food, native plants, offering services,
creating jobs,regenerating activities, encouraging native arts,even preserving
old cultures.
This community could be a way of living from the land being  productive
and an answer that Hawaii is able to offer. It can be a solution to aid and
benefit our economy, taking away from no one, rather helping to fill needs
to benefit our society with real- Aloha, seeking to assist with-A PROPER

This concept is offered as an assistance to a problem that needs a
long term solution. If you see value, have more to offer or expand
contact you officials to encourage development.

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