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PLANNING FOR SPECIAL EVENTS-Holidays,Wedding or Other Special Occasions

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on September 1, 2011

What a Great Time to consider planning for an event to celebrate the fruits of our labor !

Holidays are approaching, gift giving an issue, also getting to be the  last chance to make changes to  take you into the new year. Some considerations may be as simple as to redo or replace a piece or two of furniture, add the right colors to walls and accessories to work with a theme to keep your home or environment bright into the new year . We aren’t only speaking of home,  but also hotels, businesses and condo buildings. We all need to keep up and be ready for all the living that  is to come. We can make small changes for big results and more change for even bigger results. The time to plan is now.

Please consider my PhotoArt Gallery & Selected Products,  as well as, gift certificates for holiday and year round gift needs and planning , especially for weddings and other special occasions.

Those anticipating a wedding to plan usually also have a home they wish to prepare in some special  way . As an interior  / Environmental Designer I can assist you with a plan for your wedding , as well as, your home . I think it is an opportunity to connect the wedding environment to a feature in your home to bring a memorable addition to your new life, while creating a fabulous adddition for the day .

Even if planning a wedding or other special event at a hotel or other venue, it can be reviewed ,refined,  developed  ,or  create  a whole vision for your special occasion. As a valuable source for fabric and furnishings  ect. you have someone working for you for your results.

If selling a home , you may want to stage an event to show and sell in a new way.It could be a fun creative way to stir interest.

Conventional or not putting your own best  image forward is always more interesting. Special events whether in a hotel or home can be creatively enhanced or transformed for your own special occasion.

Creativity is best seen, as it is expressed for the individual ,and answers are unique to each client. Throughout my website you can

see some results and only imagine what I might come up with for you ! Whatever your event  may be –  enjoy –‘Your Own Art of Living’

For assistance , please call 396-6668  Bus Hrs  M-F  9am- 5pm       Happy Special Event T o You !

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