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Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on August 15, 2011

We all certainly have to work with budgets. Just where can those budgets actually  take us? To me, this is part of solving the project problem

when working on a small space, renovation or project of any size.

Just when is a change in a renovation plan cost too much? Another equally important question to ask is when is it too little? Even if simple

living is the goal, you want to be sure you actually take care of the business at hand to not have problems later. You do not want to trim the fat

then bleed and suffer. Mankind did not move indoors to create harmful conditions, rather to have enhanced  functions , safety and in a protected

environment that enhances living. Just how that is answered ,whether for a homeless shelter or Buckingham Palace, between lies a range of answers.

When it comes to plumbing you certainly want good service , but also the protection from bursting water hoses and future leaks.One spout or several

or what kind will give you your  answer. Just because you see an inexpensive item, doesn’t  really meant it is the value for you. Having a source as a Designer to look out for your interests can save you from incorrect choices,  while  receiving good pricing.

To balance a budget between more and less is done by realistically by putting it where you get more value and pulling back where not needed.

Creative planning gives answers not imagined, after all that is where trends begin. I will tell my clients to let me know the problem , so that I can give them their solution. Professional vision can enhance where you want to be and where and where you never realized you ought to be , but glad that you are there.

Where certain planning was once  accepted,  it is learned now  where we need more space, better finishes and how will that color and furnishing choice really ends up. Sometimes you need to let go of old choices and  fears to explore the benefits of something new for your enhanced safety and welfare .

You update your computers and entertainment devices, but how you use them often is given little consideration.The correct seating and heights makes the difference  toward back aches and ever hear of carpotunnel? If your wrist gets sore an example , you are not seated correctly no matter how costly

the device that  you are using. Too costly to be smart , I think not.  I know I look out for my clients welfare, the final choicesof course  are up to them whether for benefits,  longevity, or good sense .

Whether for Home , Hospitality or Business the balance gives the results for where you need safety, want to stand out, or have that extra you deserve.

When determining where and how to trim the budget there are three points to consider. First is the discovery toward  the focus toward which you aim.

choices. The better the focus the better the results upon which to base choices. Second make choices that really work for you , not just because it is a quick fix answer. Lastly do not forget the finishing touches such as art and accessories to take full advantage of a completed change- even if there is more to come let you choices show their results. Clear away what is not used and finish to show results.

For design assistance , project or prpperty review or even what you may consider a small change— you have a source for you!

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