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Creativity In Interior Design For Increased Benefits & Savings

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on June 29, 2011

Creativity  In Interior Design For  Increased Benefits & Savings

By Kathy Gurski

Kathy Gurski Design LLC


Who needs creativity in design some may ask?  You can just do the same as what you see . The more unusual the more it will cost and who needs to add to already to already tight budgets some may say. The real answer to who needs creativity whether for Home  , Hospitality  or   Business  is —–Y   O   U   !

Creativity is the  ‘ way ‘ you solve and add functions and how they are interpreted. It is how and where you spend  and where you save. It needs to be suited to each client and project, since each client and project are different, creativity is the only answer for you.

There  is so much to consider,  how to use furnishings, where and their affect, artistic use, art  itself  for a beautiful or informative experience.The solution for one situation may not be as  right or may only be a start to the real successful results of greater value and interest to you and your property.

Sure there are times when extra details and functions may cost more, but often for a  minor amount you would be getting so much more.

There are also times when withthe proper design choice youare spending less and getting more for it. Communication is vital with the design professional to be realistic, yet understand established goals to get the project to where you want it to be.Projects of all size can benefit from proper focus.

I respect a client preference and determine what they will like and what to avoid, yet there can be a time when a client may not see the success of what may have been expresed to avoid.  As an example, when asked if there were any colors to avoid a client expressed that red was not desired to be used. As I reviewed the space, it cried to add some red seen from the nearby area. I did present it, why and how to let the client decide.We not only used it to the client liking ,but added more in another area and the client also encouraged a family member to use it for their space.

Proper evaluations, creativity and situations produce results of another level. It takes the process for real answers, results, benefits and savings.

As seen in Design at   www. kathygurskidesign.com  , creativity solves issues for increased results. In a Modern English Country Ktchen a dead space became a design featured faux window which added depth, light and display .In yet another Kitchen as  Functional Art , this smaller kitchen was transformed into 3-D Art increased functionality, where you can not only cook, but enjoy the preparation in a whole new way.

Creativity can also mean use of new products, where and how to use them. Usually new products are presented to the design professionals and with creativity can see options for wonderful use.  I have been the first to use new products in Hawaii. I find merging function with art brings the client  their own ‘Art of Living ‘.  Creativity,  rethinking how to use what is already there, when and where to add  takes in many areas of space planning, functions, refurbishing,art display…… for extended results for you.

Let creativity bring you more.

Please inquire for creative assistance —    Kathy Gurski ,  Kathy Gurski Design LLC   808-396-6668   Bus Hrs. M-FRI  9am-5pm


Date :                       Time :                                  Place:                                                    To Be Announced

If interested you can email your name, phone & number wish to attend.  at   seminars@kathygurskidesign.com

Classes will also followup   with 4sessions  for you to design your room, a  fee applies with discount on items to use in your room , if interested

intended times are Wednesday 6:30- 7:30 pm & Saturday 1:30- 2:30pm( allow half hour to follow.) Please leave your  name, phone , and the room you are

interested  in working on  at     classes@kathygurskidesign.com   details will be confirmed.


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