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Midyear Reality Check For Your Property Environment

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on June 16, 2011

Midyear Reality Check For Your Property Environment

By Kathy Gurski     Kathy Gurski Design LLC

It is halfway through the year, so how are your plans for change, upkeep or rejuvenation for your  property

—- whether for Home , Hospitality or  Business  —- to keep or sell?

If you haven’t  heard yet , now is still a good time to be making positive changes, additions or to even get a good start.

For those projects for Hospitality, Condo Buildings or Business, even if done in house , it iwould be wise to consider scheduling my design professional property  or project review to assist,  find or refine the right  track and direction for your particular environment. For the Home, whether a do it your self project or those considering to do more work, the same is also true. As a  design professional , I can offer so much,  from information and creativity specific for you, to being a source for all kinds of well priced products, avaiable through my company, providing  value and savings to you. Yes my company is a source for design, planning, merchandise and coordination to end results.

A design professional review is  money well spent. It  offers a plan or a refinement of a direction that you wish to take, one you never imagined, a creative addition,  proper execution with money saving solutions and reality checks.This can be done often using some of what you already  have with what is needed to add or change, all of which is determined upon review. As each space and client are unique , review is vital to produce a better quality of living and better use of budget. You do not want to let things go so long ,that  it is a long journey back. Who does not want more living available from the environment and property that you rent, already own or are working hard to attain. For those selling, you’ll want to put your property in its best light for maximum value to you and potential buyers. Design principles certainly apply to achieve staging & set up to sell.

For any area of design & planning, all levels of enhancement are important, even simple painting solutions done with proper, interesting color choices and details can take a simple solution to something fresh, fabulous —  even a whole new vision. The simplest of color choices make a big difference, layering in more color brings another dimension, while accenting architecture can visually change a space. Use of color is not what some consider a circus of color they fear, but from the subtlest of shades to mellow a space , vibrant choices for more impact or a combination between. Good use of color is just one of many choices for positive change . It is one aspect  I enjoy using for that vital  results suited to the client and project.

There are alot of choices , directions and materials available. Fresh paint, well chosen, combined with good flooring is a great start to give a good base upon which to build the rest. All spaces deserve their own fresh face and appearance. Regular upkeep and changes can help keep your environments fresh, vital and more attractive.

Let’s pick a space to freshen or rejuvenate to aim at better living.  For Home , Hospitality or Business  —  please inquire about design assisistance and products available to you from  —   Kathy Gurski Design LLC  808-396-6668  M- Fri  9am- 5pm   Thank You.


Date :                       Time :                                  Place:                                                    To Be Announced

If interested you can email your name, phone & number wish to attend.  at   seminars@kathygurskidesign.com

Classes will also followup   with 4sessions  for you to design your room, a  fee applies with discount on items to use in your room , if interested

intended times are Wednesday 6:30- 7:30 pm & Saturday 1:30- 2:30pm( allow half hour to follow.) Please leave your  name, phone , and the room you are

interested  in working on  at     classes@kathygurskidesign.com   details will be confirmed.


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