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Small Spaces Deserve Big Dreams For More Living

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on May 10, 2011

Whether a Hotel or a Home , you can make the most of even the smallest of spaces for attractive, vital, productive use.

With some creativety and proper planning, even unused spaces can become your favorites, while those currently used

can take on a whole fresh experience !

As with anything , the first step is to realize you can and – deserve –  to have an enriched way of living, if you are willing and

wanting to allow a fresh way to see things. For me ,  each project  takes its’  own direction. Change can be uplifting and

rewarding – often giving you more benefits, safety, and  value.  Examples can be seen in my  design section of the web.

Even small changes can give you  impact !

Don’t  think  ‘ you ‘ even have an area to upgrade, a fresh pair of eyes, esp. professionally trained eyes,  can often discover

or create treasures from existing areas , while simple forgotten places can bloom. To get started , clear unwanted,

broken items , determining from some of those, which may be a find to rework or reuse another way before adding items.

In the awareness of the environment  and economy ,  as well as, sentiment, it is good to check first how to use what you have

and wish  to rework  for a whole new face , while the rest can go to another life elsewhere.

You can do anything you like is an often expressed thought which gives a sense of  freedom to choice. Choice is good, along

with it comes the effect and actual results to you and others. Furniture placement can go anywhere – proper placement creates

cozy areas of use, proximity, interest, traffic flow  and safety. The type of furniture used expands the use, the affect and the art.

There are many directions to pursue that can be of interest , which is good when developed well. I am fortunate to work with

a range of directions and styles to assist others to create their own ‘ Art of Living ‘ For those unimagined areas under stairs,

on a lanai, in an entry, empty rooms piled with excess and so on….all can take on a new existence as a study, work, art.

conversation, meditation, dining, hobby…. experence.

I have created a garden in a kitchen, party area in an industrial parking lot, art niche from a blank space, screened storage

and interesting multiuse spaces in large and very small restricted spaces.I like to bring a sense of uniqueness to each project

which many can enjoy whether for their choice or others.

Hotels or businesses need to have  ” their ” special uniqueness  and draw for every space to enhance productivity.

Homes can use more spaces well to give better value for what you already have.

Whether for Home , Hospitality, or Business , if I may be of assistance – please call.

Aloha, Kathy Gurski

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