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Between Cradle and Special Care

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on May 10, 2011

Every space deserves careful attention and planning for Home, Hospitality or Bussiness  —  for those very young or

those who require what is thought of as Special care. This is so true and also so true of those in the often forgotten

span between who care for the very young or those in special need.

Once nurtured , grown and off into your own space to plan , this is the time to set up ‘ your ‘ own life . Budget  is often a

concern at any stage,  yet it is the time of your life , as you make it to make your plans to build upon good choices for you,

as well as  , others in your world.

Create a wonderful shell which is the surroundings. Protect it, light it, start with favorite pieces that you can also use later,

which will help the budget  to spend wisely  and add as you can.Give yourself a special area for your hobby, art or to chill out

in or outside. Add in stages to a plan , that we can set up . Each month have a project to enhance and clear to avoid clutter.

Hotels and Businesses are seeking your attention with their interiors , after workspots, exercise clubs, art galleries…..

you too, can have some of that at home and be your own destination. Hotels enhance areas to bring you into their spaces,

you can enhance yours for you.

This betweeen group please also note , it is never too soon or too late to nurture or relax your mind with colors, art and light……

as wellas, it is to be safe with properly selected materials, a grab bar and oh proper seating for many areas esp. that computer.

Illnesses are created later in life, because spaces are not set  up correctly — it is just okay can lead to back troubles, corpotunnel

hands ,eye strain… Something can always be done .

For the strains of all sorts of special needs that arise, your environment can be made to assist, lift moods, bring comfort to rejuvenate

you for what ever life has in store. Relief from pain can even be assisted if you redirect your thinking toward beautiful and interesting

things such as: that just right  inspirational art  niche of your own, a garden to tend , sit , enjoy, dine , paint, read, in or outside, even a chair

in just the right spot surrounded by nurturing elements of light, water, green and your favorite reading …    The possibilities are endless,

time to start is now.

For Home, Hospitality, or Business proper planning with Creativety can give spaces for all groups ,  whether from  ‘ cradle to special care  ‘

and surely those between  , their own  ‘Art of Living”

For planning, merchandise and to bring it together please call to inquire  —    Kathy Gurski    —-  Aloha


Date : Time : Place: To Be Announced

If interested you can email your name, phone & number wish to attend. at seminars@kathygurskidesign.com

Classes will also followup with 4sessions for you to design your room, a fee applies with discount on items to use in your room , if interested

intended times are Wednesday 6:30- 7:30 pm & Saturday 1:30- 2:30pm( allow half hour to follow.) Please leave your name, phone , and the room you are

interested in working on at classes@kathygurskidesign.com details will be confirmed.

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