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Special Care

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on March 29, 2011

While often special care is associated with advancement of  aged infirmities , I

prefer to address it,  as focus of solutions for special needs,  which can and does

occur at all ages.


You certaintly do not want to miss a childs need to take in the world due to lack of visual

stimulation or perception, when  proper pattern, colors and visuals , can spark a mind.

Similarly , you would not want to lose a valued family member who’s memory is failing,

when similar visual cues can assist with dignity. Color can guide or warn of pending  danger,

while proper lighting avoids hazzards and also creates a pleasant experience.


A well placed piece of dynamic  PhotoART such as in my PhotoART Gallery @ kathygurskidesign.com.

can give a stimulating focus. It can intrigue and identify for  young minds, as it can trigger for

those failing, while also be a benefit to care givers and visitors. Focus going to the side of pleasant

interest is always a welcome rejuvenator to help forget the unpleasant and even pain.


A very good reason we do plan our living spaces at all stages is to not only function, but

also to enhance safety, dignity, self-esteem and even fun. Growing up , ill, failing or perfectly

healthy, we all need the nuturing of our environment. It is an experience, it is what we make it ,

and it can be a valueable one.

At home for the physical or visually impaired obstacles need to be removed that can cause

trippingor danger. For the weak, places to rest intermittenly are more important to have. For

activities such as bathing and dressing a secured grab bar can steady an unsteady individual.

You can see other articles and selected products offered @kathygurskidesign.com.

Don’t forget when taking an individual to a care facility , it is still your loved one’s home. You can

bring familiar objects, bring in color and set them up in an attractive,  orderly, uncluttered  manner

for the individual not the visitors use and view. Do not let the restrictions of a care facility stop

you from enhancing the living experience. Anchor items and label and be sure to place them

out of restrictive paths.

For Hospitality and Business ther is a whole segment of society that needs special attention

and brings additional business , planning for a range of needs can assist many. Rather than

individuals staying back ,ask to have needs met to be accomadated gladly for a fuller life,

which can enhance all our lives. Easy door  access ,safe pathways and texture variables

can assist and create interest , to name a fe

My motto as a problem solver is to tell me your problem, so that I can offer a creative solution.

Creative problem solving enhances all our lives. Whether Home , Hospitality or Business ,

Good Design is the Art of Living. For assistance — please call.


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