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The Lanai – An Often Forgotten Piece of Hawaii Realestate

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on March 9, 2011

In the January article I talked about a property review that I offer. One certaintly

would not want to overlook useable space that adds value to our property. Whether

wrapped around a house ,extending from a room, perched many stories up off a

condominium, an extension  of a lobby or even  a transition space , the lanai is a most

valuable addition to a Hawai property .


This precious intermingled space is often forgotten, unappreciated, and often misused,

when it can be embraced for the treasure that it is. Often this very special place called

the lanai is either cluttered with excess, unused items or sorrowfully neglected for the

beneficial space that it can be. Whether for home , business , hospitality or recreation

the lanai is a valuable extension of the property –  and a very special one we  enjoy in Hawaii.


When storage is a problem, as it often can be, that is a good time to sort for needed  items.

Choose items carefully  to create viable, enchanting spaces for the lanai and elsewhere.

Items not used can go to people and places, that can use them. For temporary storage

use  other choices, but don’t give up your lanai. There are so many means of storage.

The lanai can be an extra room, garden, outdoor kitchen, eating area or a quiet retreat.

These spaces can be as simple as a well placed chair among plantscaped greenery

to entire outdoor rooms with unique wonderful features such as specialty cooking areas,

theaters, recreation and so many unique features for home , hospitality or business. I know

I enjoy seeing these spaces creatively used.


As with any projects, spaces can be planned with a vision of creative possibilities. I have

designed a custom gate and door  which  can draw  focus to invite you into the space,

while a vined trellis was planned to obscure what was chosen not to be seen. In the DESIGN

section of my website a kitchen renovation provided an easy access pass thru window/ counter

to the lanai/ barbeque ares. In a compact condo lanai, dining was provided, as well as, reclining

relaxation to enjoy the view or favorite T. V.  show  visible from a moveable custom T.V. unit within the

livingroom. Each space is different with it’s’ own guides and Client preferences.


With space at such a premium, to take better advantage and to use it well – is a must.

These interium rooms  mingled among spaces that enjoythe fresh  yet salt air and sun

of the outdoors also need a certain amount of protection for the users and for the items

selected for those spaces. Proper choices made with many considerations give better

use and longevity for these treasured areas. Creativity can make unused spaces into

increased realestate value.


Whether for Home, Hospitality or Business re-evaluatinghow we use our lanai spaces

can give us more useable spaces, better views and value to neighboring properties

and even increased revenue for Hotels and Bussineses.


To be of service for your planning and merchandise —  please call .The possibilities are

endless and affordable!

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