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Property Review For: Home Sales, Condominium Buildings, Hotels, Owner Residents, For Rentals —- For You !

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on January 11, 2011

It is the time of year to review your property, to make a plan for changes to benefit

your intent and focus of what you want from your property. Often a few changes can

impact the value and function of your property, which is even more vital in today’s

economic situation.


Whether you are attempting to sell a Home, are a Condominum Building, Hotel

that’s been around for awhile and could use a boost in business or a Property

where  you live  or rent  — a professional design review can put you on track for

where you want to be.


As a design professional, I offer an impartial knowledgeable  view  to  can save  expenses

by  offering wise choices, affordable pricing, with ‘ creative solutions ‘ .  Creativity can

make you preferably stand out, solve a problem to save you money or enhance

what you already have.


Every property is unique in itself and needs a solution of it’s own. Needs may seem

similiar,but the differences are what make  wiser  choices better  for each space.

You want to build toward better use, increased value and greater success for you.


When selling a Home whether a  house or a condo, hopefully you have done design

reviews to beneficially maintain and enhance your property — if not  — it’s time !

Review needs to include: basic physical functions to operate, design of how it affects

the users and how well you wish to take it, as well as , visual appeal and impact.

While you want your space to appeal to many , you do not want to be just another property

for buyers to say no. Good design is often taken for granted, but expected. While not always

the most costly way to go,  take it to your limits of comfort for better results.


It is absolute that when you enter the public areas of a condominium building , you get

an impression of what to expect inside. Would you like to move through those spaces and

can you easily get through them comfortably and safely ? What does it offer you ? From the

Building’s view just how can the maintain the offerings and at what cost .


Combining those views , my approach, as with each project, is to work with the guides and

best interest of the Client, Property and the End Users to creatively solve needs. While there

are many opinions, listening to imput and making objective decisions can give unimagined

successful results. This is true of any project. Most design  is best appreciated when all the

pieces come together.


In the Hospitality or Hotel world, again much of the same needs are required, however the

property is a get a-way . Whether for business that also needs a break or  for a trip of a lifetime

to expect the unique and wonderful, you want a place where  guests  want to return and tell others

it is a ‘ must see ! ‘ . Hawaii is already a wonderful place,but must also offer standards to keep up

with the many offerings of other destinations , yet in Hawaii’s own style. What makes your Hotel

stand out to make visitors want to return to  it and also  a place the localsl  are also drawn.


I believe every design should offer a special quality a ‘something’ for that space.When reviewing  my

past work, it is to see a range of work rather than to find your design solution. Even when drawn

to a specific concept ,we go from there  to make it your own.


In one’s own home, it is an opportunity to create a living environment to express that Client’s

needs and wants , but if not totally redoing, a design review can keep up with small term changes

and build upon them for positive results. You do not want quick fixes to become a problem to redo

later, especially when you wish to sell. If you keep up with changes you are ready to sell and can

enjoy your choices or even choose to stay.


Then of course there is the rental market , which is a combination of vacation rentals with the draw

of Hospitality , while others become someone ‘s home. Investors wish to get the most value from

there property indeed, review for upkeep and offerings is a smart way to keep value up, property

out of harms way,and repairs made less often with wiser choices being made.The cheapest choices

can often be the more costly, causing more to maintain with more headaches for owners and  the end users.


Reviewing your property for use , function,budget,  energy savings and appeal is a wise decision.  Changes

as simple as the right color,or  type of paint, lighting, materials, furnishings, accessories to finish or the choices you never

thought to make can give you a plan to build upon for your present and future.


Please call if I may be of service for review or redo. May your plans unfold to give you better living !























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