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INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE WITH GOOD DESIGN Plan For All Ages- Especially For ‘the bathroom’

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on December 10, 2010

by Kathy Gurski

Kathy Gurski Design LLC


Real value comes from what is achieved, not only from what is spent. This is especially evident

in the biggest little room in the home, no matter the size,  ‘ the bathroom ‘.  The range of functions

and the people that will use it create big concerns regarding planning, safety, welfare and potential.


Whether planning a new bathroom, remodeling or making a few changes, let choices be more

far-reaching to serve ever- changing needs. As with any project,  areas need to be evaluated for

uniqueness, requirements, and those who will use it.


It often pays not to base decisions solely on price. Many fixtures offer more features and operate

more efficiently than others to save over time and conserve our precious resources, while serving

a range of needs. For example, installing a water saving low or dual flush toilet in a taller comfort

height for the master area, with an easy reach grip lever or even a floor flush pedal will serve well

over time. A  preset temperature control limit water save shower system with easy use lever controls

and dual height showering offers more luxury, efficiency, safety, and functions for a range of users.

Quality easy use lever faucets aid children and  soapy  or ailing fingers. All fixtures are not equal in

ease of use or longevity.


Wise progressive changes save on redos later. A built in shower seat  says luxury now , yet capable

as needed. When walls are open, check plumbing for wear and block walls with support for future

grab bar needs that may arise. Grab bars can be a tasteful compliment to any design.  I usually suggest

use of at least one grab bar to help avoid a cause to really need them. There are many styles and colors

available- one type that I supply even supports a removable showerseat. Grab bars can be used as routinely as the

grips accepted easily in our autos, while offering a whole lot more . Grab bars are for today not someday.


Please note for your safety -grab bars must be installed with proper blocking and anchoring and never

be used  as a towel bar, which can cover the proper grip.


While we also enjoy spaciousness, entries and hallways to many areas require a minimumof  36 inches wide

for a  wheelchair, yet accomadate a walker, crutches, also with easier use for movement  of laundry, strollers,

luggage and so on. Wheelchair planning is best left to a design professional for proper and creative solutions.


There are many ways to bring together safety, style budget and luxury with many considerations such as :

slip resistant finished flooring, smooth transitions, proper lighting, ventilation for comfort and affect on materials,

with color,accessories and art to finish.


You may see and have ideas, but which to use , what to do with them and how to properly

execute them can make all  the difference. A designer is a valuable source for planning and merchandise .


Make design choices wise investments for your present and future !



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