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‘ Holiday Magic ‘ The Whole Year Thru

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on November 10, 2010

by Kathy Gurski

Kathy Gurski Design LLC

It’s that time of year , as they say, the Holiday Season is upon us. Actually,  it is always upon  us,

we can plan ahead, start preparing any time and we also have holidays and special occassions

all thru the year. How wonderful each can be . For some who enjoy  the celebration  quest  for

those unique and special gifts, there is a joy to the search, while for others,  it seems to add one

more stress .Why not consider a gift that can be a joy and  helps to answer some of that  ‘ what do I get  ‘

stress as it also help reduce some of life’s  ‘ what do I do ‘  stress in our personal spaces– for others and —

don’t forget yourself !


@ kathy Gurski Design.com  , there are choices to consider for design services and or merchandise

also available as gift certificates. Imagine giving design assistance for a room, special party environment,

start of a project, a walk thru review, staging, or to solve  some design dilema. Perhaps bring more safety,

review space or color or to place art to shape a space,to  view it properly, creatively, bring more focus for

more appreciation or peace.


There are selections  that  you can make which ship direct and it is never to late with notice that can be sent

to announce the arrival of your stand out gift. You can choose from the PhotoArt Gallery for framed selections

for adults or children to feel special , to relax or take you away, fill your spirit or help to remember.


You can also add a beautiful reflection tomany a room with looking glass /mirrors. Reflect and open a space,

bounce light or luxuriously make that final look.

I have also brought together art with mirror in my ‘ beautiful reflection ‘ series found in the PhotoART GALLERY.


Ever think of adding the luxury to rest  to the bath or shower that can also add safety and use for other times. Have a seat,

get a grip add some luxury,color, safety with a showerseat and or a strong grab bar- then add some choices for

nourishing, cleansing, rejuvenating products that care for you to use for yourselfor others.


Arange of choices to treat, enhance, improve and bring

‘ Holiday Magic ‘ – The Whole Year Thru !



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