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‘Hawaii Style’ for Home , Hospitality, or Business

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on October 31, 2010

by Kathy Gurski

Kathy Gurski Design LLC


When thinking of Hawaii Style, whether you are long time or new to the Islands or somewhere far off,

it can be thought of as a very casual sometimes native, even primitive atmosphere from grass thatched

roofed huts and floral prints, with Asian or even style influence of the missionaries or the Monarchy. In

reality there is a whole wonderful range in between and or a combination or influence thati s present

day – Hawaii Style


There is the beautiful mixture of cultures and ethnic backgrounds that make it so wonderful blended

into Hawaii’s tropical environment of lush landscape with it’s own fabulous climate and light . The

challenges and possibilities are endless.


The influx of visitors from all over the world , well traveled residents,  increased education ,the

advancement of technology ,and business, also not forgetting the elected president from our

Islands brings Hawaii into a very unique focus . With things considered, we still want that

Hawaii Experience , which can be from the very modern to unique , beachside living and

all that is creatively between.


Whether for Home , Hospitality Industry, or Business there can be some wonderful interesting

living experiences. Casual living still has its’ rituals, while formal living takes on a more unique

feel. Even the native huts had a luxury of  their tapa art, hospitality gathered a spread of  vessels

unto themselves to share food and graced with bountiful bouquets and  flower lei.


I myself hosted a type of progressive dinner which started with pu-pus and sunset at the garden

lanai tucked among plants,  pottery artefacts, moving inside to a fully dressed table with bamboo

throne chairs , only to finish at a modern coffee table with dessert.


I know I often tell clients that we can creare a style unique to their preferences and background  yet

adding the essence of Hawaii .  Whether through use of materials, nature, color, or history, we can

create an environment to reflect their own style they may never have imagined.


Hawaii’s environment certaintly influences how we live,but also how we plan our living environments.

Those treasured winds can bluster at the wrong time,mixed with our sun and ocean air can wear

certain materials sooner than expected. Taking advantage of premiun space to accomadate all the

living we need to do can be a challenge. Our same wonderful light that brings such great color must

also be guarded for our protection and our interiors.


There is much to consider when putting together a Hawaii Space which lends to Hawaii Style .

Between it’s  history, lush environment and your own personal and public spaces , there is

a whole interesting range of possibilities.


Let’s see  what develops and where it can take us.



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