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A Preface To Articles

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on February 4, 2010

Interior Design is an important influence upon our living – more than most people are aware. It can be quite exciting, yet also confusing with all the range of choices available today. While there are many solutions that can be offered, decisions need to be based upon Client and project guidelines, together with creative problem solving, to achieve truly successful results.
There are many areas where professional design assistance can be of great value. I encourage my Clients to let me know their problem, which is a need, want or requirement, which allows me to offer them a valuable solution. In the articles that follow, I share some considerations in the design and planning of your spaces – from ‘Cradle to Special Care.’
Let every step you take, be one toward the enrichment of your living.
Please check back for additional articles.


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