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Looking Glass / Mirrors – Jewelry or Need

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on January 20, 2010

Looking Glass / Mirrors – Jewelry or Need – Did you ever look about your same looking spaces at home or at the office and want to just add a lift? Are you planning new spaces, but after the art consideration, whether that be PhotoArt, paintings or sculptures, still want to breathe another type of life? A consideration can be a looking glass/mirror.

While the term looking glass really means a mirror, I feel it also denotes a certain sense of impressive draw or an expansive space into which you can peer to see reflections of other parts of your space, light or of yourself.

The looking glass/mirrors, such as I present for your consideration, were selected to offer an added excitement to your spaces when you may or may not be making many changes. The well chosen, trimmed looking glass/mirror is like a piece of jewelry around your face, at the end of the hall, over a dresser, at your entry, paired on an empty wall, over or flanking a credenza. Remember, looking glass/mirrors can be used horizontally or vertically.

Enjoy like a piece of jewelry, but also add light to a dull area, reflect to see activities of children in the next room, give yourself that last once over – jewelry or need? You decide.  Be sure to anchor hooks securely for proper hanging and safety.

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