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Color in Interior Design

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on January 20, 2010

Color in Interior Design is one of the most untapped sources for benefit or change. Often it is frightening for some and sometimes understandably so, because on the other side, misuse can create some uncomfortable situations.

Correction of color is often quite easy, by simply repainting, refinishing, reupholstering or even accessorizing to give a better balance or boost.

Good use of color can help accent architecture or create details where there were none. It can vitalize a space, give a sense of greater or less space or add just the right touch. This is done through colors relate to each other.

We all are different with preferences for more or less space and color. Color is like a food to our being and feeds a need within us, so why be afraid of what can be good for us. What may be a preference to one person can be the opposite to another, so when doing your spaces, they should suit your preferences. As a designer, I work with all sorts of color palettes and preferences, it is part of what I do. To bring a clients space alive with colors you will enjoy is rewarding. It is a process to compare colors with other colors used and in the light they will be used. There are many combinations, tones, degrees of clarity and brightness.

Usually layering colors gives a good balance to serve a range of moods. Sometimes you can add that contrast pop which attracts attention, while other times you wish something to disappear.

Let’s use the example in SELECTED PRODUCTS where I offer grab bars and shower seats.  They can be used in neutral tones or in colors. You may wish to use a color to blend softly with its background, yet being not exact to be sure you can easily see it. You may prefer to add an accent color and accessories to add a playfulness or a sophisticated color combination such as I used in A Man’s Room in (* DESIGN) of chocolate with forest green.

When choosing colors in art, it’s not meant to “match” the room but be a comfortable blend, an expression or contrast that you will enjoy. Even more important is what the art does for you. There are many colors in the forest yet what splendor they reveal.


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